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Breaking: Miami’s True Freshman LB Wesley Bissainthe reportedly injured in car accident

Reports are surfacing that Bissainthe was injured in a car accident that claimed the life of another motorist

Wesley Bissainthe

Miami’s True Freshman Linebacker, Wesley Bissainthe, was reportedly a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a deadly accident Friday evening on Ives Dairy Rd. Miami-Dade police have released the identity of the person who was killed as 52-year-old Saul Daulphin.

Over the past 24 hours reports have been surfacing that Bissainthe was injured in the accident, but it is unclear as to what exactly those injuries are. Discussions online have ranged from him simply needing stitches to him undergoing surgery (or requiring it) on his lower extremity, but neither has been substantiated at this time. The consensus seems to be that he was involved and has been injured.

I am also hearing a backseat passenger in the other vehicle was severely injured and is now an amputee (possibly double) as a result of the injuries they sustained in that accident. The damage to the vehicles is significant as depicted in an image from the crash scene on the night of the accident, and police investigators shut down the road for several hours to gather evidence and conduct their analysis of the accident scene.

The aftermath of the fatal crash on Ives Dairy Rd that allegedly involved Wesley Bissainthe

Bissainthe had a strong showing in Spring practice and expectations are that he was going to become a major contributor at LB for the Canes in the upcoming season, but if early reports are true that status may well be in doubt.

In a comment posted on YouTube, a user with the screenname “GlassHousecp” posted this: “Giving everyone the heads up...Wesley bissainthe was in a car accident and needed surgery on his foot. Might be out for the season or most of it . Happened late yesterday afternoon. I know family we will need more help at linebackers”

I cannot stress this enough, the type and extent of any injury to Bissainthe is unconfirmed at this time. I reached out to media relations with UM Athletics yesterday with a request for a comment, and for an update on Bissainthe’s condition, but a response hadn’t been received at the time of publishing this article. If/when an update is received we will update this story.

I’ve also made attempts to reach out to friends and family of Saul Daulphin as they’ve begun posting memorials on Instagram for him, but the family isn't prepared to speak at this time. I’m respecting their privacy and will update the story as any new information becomes available.

Here's more info on the accident as reported on CBS Miami:

Local resident, Victor Gonzon, claims to have witnessed the accident and said that he heard tires screeching and a loud collision. His recollection was that a car full of people driving westbound on Ives Dairy Rd attempted to brake before hitting another vehicle that was making a lefthand turn. His description was that there were 5-6 people in each vehicle, but that information has not been independently corroborated at this time. Gonzon reportedly called 911 from the scene. Police on the scene indicated that there was one fatality as a result of the crash. Police are investigating whether speed was a factor in the accident.

We are hopeful that Wesley and the others involved in the accident will be alright, and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers as this situation continues to unfold. We also empathize with the family and friends of the individual who was killed in the accident, and we send them our condolences as they mourn the loss of their loved one.