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Schedules: The case for Miami’s 3rd team

Which program would Miami’s 3rd team be if the ACC approves the new 3-5-5 format?


The ACC has been discussing dropping the Coastal and Atlantic divisions, and moving to a 3-5-5 scheduling format. What this means for Miami is that the Hurricanes would now have three “locked in” opponents. The clear favorites are Florida State and Virginia Tech. The ‘Canes top rival is with the Seminoles, and The U has played the Hokies every year since 1992. Both of those opponents seem like a guarantee for the ACC schedulers.

However, the ‘Canes third “rival” is a little less clear. Will it be a Big East rival- like Syracuse? Or a Coastal rival such as UNC? What about an Atlantic opponent like NCSU or Clemson?

The former Big East

After Virginia Tech; Louisville, Pitt, Boston College and Syracuse are former Big East opponents of the ‘Canes.

Boston College Eagles

1st game: 1955

Record: 24-6, Miami

Streak: BC x 1

Most famous game: 1984, BC 47-45 (Hail Flutie)

Info: Miami and BC played nearly every year from 1990-2003. The Eagles and ‘Canes have played only five times since 2003.

Louisville Cardinals

1st game: 1933

Record: 11-3-1, Miami

Streak: Miami x 2

Most famous game: 2004, Miami 41-38 (Devin Hester return)

Info: Miami and Louisville have never been a consistent rival.

Pitt Panthers

1st game: 1950

Record: 29-11-1, Miami

Streak: Miami x 4

Most famous game: 2017, Pitt 24-14 (Kenny Pickett upset no. 2 Miami)

Info: Miami and Pitt have been Coastal foes and have played every year since 2013. Prior to ‘13, Miami and Pitt were regular foes from 1989-2003.

Syracuse Orange

1st game: 1960

Record: 16-7, Miami

Streak: Miami x 6

Most famous game: 1992, Miami 16-10 (Casey Grier stops Chris Gedney)

Info: Miami and Syracuse haven’t played since ‘17, and before that one-off, the ‘Canes and Orange hadn’t played since 2003.

The Coastal

Miami’s move from the Big East to the ACC made for a few strange bed fellows. The Duke “rivalry week” stuff, UNC, Georgia Tech and UVA have become expected games on the schedule. Could one of these opponents become the 3rd game?

Duke Blue Devils

1st game: 1976

Record: 15-4, Miami

Streak: Miami x 2

Most famous game: 2015, Miami 30-27 (Eight lateral game on Halloween)

Info: Miami and Duke have been randomly been matched up on “Rivalry Week” a handful of times by the ACC.

Georgia Tech

1st game: 1955

Record: 13-13, tie

Streak: Miami x 1

Most famous game: I dunno... 2000 Gator Bowl? The Paul Johnson blowout of Randy Shannon? Got me. I’ll take the Gator Bowl and Kenny Dorsey’s push to stardom.

Info: Miami and GT are Coastal foes, and have had some close games recently, but something about this match-up feels like a snoozer. However, playing in Atlanta is never a bad thing!

UNC Tar Heels

1st game: 1946

Record: 11-12, UNC

Streak: UNC x 3

Most famous game: 2004, UNC 31-28 (Connor Barth upset FG win)

Info: Miami and UNC have been Coastal foes and have had a fairly good match-up. UNC won’t provide the recruiting prowess of Atlanta, but, no complaints about games in Chapel Hill.

UVA Cavaliers

1st game: 1996

Record: 11-8, Miami

Streak: UVA x 1

Most famous game: The ‘96 Carquest Bowl always stands out for some reason.

Info: Miami and UVA have been Coastal foes and have alternated one-off wins and streaks. Virginia area isn’t a bad recruiting ground re the DMV.

Florida State v Miami

The Atlantic

The least likely 3rd game opponents come from the Atlantic. NCSU, Clemson and Wake Forest feel like the odd teams out of the race.

Clemson Tigers

1st game: 1945

Record: 6-6, tie

Streak: Clemson x 3

Most famous game: 2015, I guess. It got rid of Al Golden.

Info: Miami and Clemson have played 12 whole times. Personally, I believe in playing the best but I can’t see this match-up being regular.

Clemson at Miami Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

NC State Wolfpack

1st game: 1939

Record: 11-5-1, Miami

Streak: Miami x 4

Most famous game: The ‘98 Micron PC Bowl (Edgerrin and Scott Covington)

Info: Miami and NCSU have played in weird streaks of games over the years with long breaks. I’m partial to The U being in Raleigh more often but can’t see it happening.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

1st game: 1928

Record: 8-3, Miami

Streak: Miami x 7

Most famous game: N/A

Info: Miami and Wake aren’t going to be a match-up, no chance.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

You thought I forgot the Domers? Not a chance. If ND isn’t scared of joining the ACC, this could be a heck of an annual match-up to bring back to college football.

1st game: 1955

Record: 8-17-1, Notre Dame

Streak: Miami x 1

Most famous game: Sadly, it’s the ‘88 Catholics vs. Convicts game. However, to me, it’s the ‘89 game with Tiger Clark in the Orange Bowl!

Info: If the Irish are feeling the heat from the SEC’s mega-merger, maybe they’ll join the fray?

Wrap and Poll

If Notre Dame is on the table, clearly that’s the front runner option, and thus I’ve left them off the poll. C’mon jits, decide who the 3rd man is to join the Outsiders at Bash at the Beach.


Who should Miami’s 3rd game be against?

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    Boston College
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  • 3%
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  • 1%
    (8 votes)
  • 11%
    Georgia Tech
    (54 votes)
  • 27%
    (124 votes)
  • 1%
    (6 votes)
  • 14%
    (65 votes)
  • 1%
    (9 votes)
  • 0%
    NC State
    (2 votes)
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    Wake Forest
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