Canes could create the best all-time NFL starting roster

I was doing a little research to see how great an NFL starting roster you could compile using only Miami Hurricanes. It turns out, probably unsurprisingly to most of you, that it might just be the best NFL roster any college could produce. Here is what I came up with. Please let me know if you think another school could come even close. I chose the individuals for each position based on Pro-Football Reference's NFL Hall of Fame monitor. It is a statistic that measures HOF worthiness.


QB1 - Jim Kelly (NFL HOFer)

QB2 - Vinny Testaverde (2x Pro-bowler, T-16th all-time in passing yards with 46k)

RB1 - Edgerrin James (NFL HOFer)

RB2 - Frank Gore (Future NFL HOFer)

RB3 - Ottis Anderson (2x Pro-bowler, 10k rushing yards, should be an NFL HOFer)

WR1 - Reggie Wayne (Future NFL HOFer)

WR2 - Michael Irvin (NFL HOFer)

WR3 - Andre Johnson (Future NFL HOFer)

TE1 - Jimmy Graham (5x Pro-bowler)

TE2 - Greg Olsen (3x Pro-bowler)

C - Jim Otto (NFL HOFer, NFL 100 All-Century Team, considered greatest center of all time)

G - Dennis Harrah (6x Pro-bowler)

G - Chris Myers (2x Pro-bowler)

OT - Bryant McKinnie (1x Pro-bowler)

OT - Eric Winston

KR/PR - Devin Hester (Future NFL HOFer, NFL 100 All-Century Team, considered great returner of all time)


DE - Calais Campbell (6x Pro-bowler, Likely Future NFL HOFer)

DE - Eddie Edwards (84.5 sacks over 12 seasons)

DT - Warren Sapp (NFL HOFer)

DT - Cortez Kennedy (NFL HOFer)

DT - Vince Wilfork (Likely Future NFL HOFer)

LB - Ray Lewis (NFL HOFer, NFL 100 All-Century Team)

LB - Ted Hendricks (NFL HOFer, NFL 100 All-Century Team)

LB - Jessie Armstead (5x Pro-bowler)

DB - Antrel Rolle (3x Pro-bowler)

DB - Darryl Williams (1x Pro-bowler)

DB - Ryan McNeil (1x Pro-bowler)

S - Ed Reed (NFL HOFer, NFL 100 All-Century Team)

DB/S - Sean Taylor (he didn't make it because his career was too short but we all know he would have been an all-time great so I am adding him here)

This is an absolute monster of a team. Basically every position is either a pro-bowler or Hall of Famer. That is just incredible. Miami is the only school to have at least 5 players on the NFL All-Century team. It is also crazy to think about all the players that did not make this lineup like: Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Santana Moss, Chuck Foreman, Bernie Kosar, Rubin Carter, Dan Conners, Michael Barrow, Russell Maryland, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow II, Jonathan Vilma etc...

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