Impact Transfers

Which incoming transfer player will have the greatest impact for the U in 2022? Last season the two obvious choices were CB Tyrique Stevenson from UGA and WR Charleston Rambo from Oklahoma. There are a lofty 11 transfers who joined the Miami roster this off season! Most notably, the two athletes from UCLA in LB Caleb Johnson and EDGE rusher Agude Mitchell. Do not forget EDGE Akeem Masidor and CB Daryl Porter, Jr both incoming transfers from West Virginia. What a tough break it is for those two aforementioned programs to lose multiple starters on defense in the same off season, let alone to a single school! Nevertheless, this is the world that we now live in where players come and go like gusts of wind carried by NIL influencers and agreements, augmented playing time, or simply being swayed by other coaches who can develop talent more increasingly which ultimately raises a player's draft stock. Fortunately for the Hurricanes, many significant playmakers have taken flight and blown our way propelled by a charismatic and relentless leader in Mario Cristobal and his dedicated staff. Players all the way from Oregon and California on the west coast along with talents such as RB Henry Parrish from Mississippi and prior starters from West Virginia on the east coast have all made a move for a brighter future and chosen to display their talents down in South Beach. This should be an exciting year filled with some learning curves and chemistry development for the team. However, one can not discount the talent of an over hauled, new look roster with rising QB Tyler Van Dyke at the helm along with many promising prospects all over the roster.

On the opposite side of the ball, expect to see Kevin Steele implement many opportunitistic stunts, confusing blitzes, and muster play calls that center around yardage containment and forcing turnovers often in a stout 4-3 defense. Look for LB Caleb Johnson to have the most overall impact of the transfer bunch from this harvest. A former two year starter for the Bruins, Johnson racked up nearly 90 tackles in that span and is characterized as a leader. Johnson will now be sought after to spear head a LB corps that has been lacking in unit production and reaching its potential since President Obama was in office. If things go right, expect to see the Canes make a trip to Charlotte in early December and perhaps even more if continuity and progress ensue! There is no reason why this team can not reach the pinnacle of the ACC. Here is to perpetual growth and on going development as a new era is launched!

Go Canes!!

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