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How much longer are we going to put up with On3’s bias for?

We’re the Miami Hurricanes. Bias is nothing new. But when it comes to recruiting, it’s so clear that something wrong is happening.

Jayden Wayne is one of the most disrespected players in On3’s rankings.
Jayden Wayne / Twitter

As a Miami Hurricane fan, I’m used to seeing bias towards the program. This is nothing new. I understand people don’t like us, but some of the stuff with recruiting is just becoming too much. On3 is a newer recruiting service, and for the most part, they do a pretty good job of covering teams and commitments.

With that being said, their rankings leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to players committed to the University of Miami. In all honesty, their rankings of Miami commits are so low compared to other services that it looks like they are purposely low. Some of these rankings are just outright blasphemy and shouldn’t even be taken seriously.

Now, let’s take a look at how the other sites rank these players compared to On3. Also, I’m not using ESPN’s rankings. As most know, they are just bad.

QB Jaden Rashada

  • 247sports: No. 17
  • Rivals: No. 30
  • On3: No. 193

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that Jaden Rashada a top-tier quarterback in the 2023 class, and a top-tier player overall. Somehow, On3 has the talented signal-caller as the 193rd best player in the class. Rivals and 247sports both have Rashada as a top-30 player overall and the sixth-best QB in the class. I don’t understand the low ranking here. Rashada has one of the best arms in the country paired with great pocket presence and great IQ. This is just professional hating by On3.

In addition, On3 came out with a fake story about Rashada receiving $9 million to commit to Miami and ruined his commitment day. The On3 agenda against Miami was clear on this day.

EDGE Jayden Wayne

  • 247sports: No. 36
  • Rivals: No. 13
  • On3: No. 104

Quite clearly one of the best players in the ‘23 class, EDGE Jayden Wayne has the size, frame and skill to be playing on Sundays in a few years. 247sports and Rivals have Wayne ranked as a top-five EDGE and a top-40 player overall, yet On3 has him as the 15th-best EDGE and on the outside of the top-100.

As most know, Wayne was dropped from a 5-star on 247sports composite rankings on the day he committed. The reason? On3’s ranking pushed him out of 5-star territory, going from No. 30 to No. 43 in 247’s composite. The disrespect for one of the best players in the nation is just completely uncalled for and makes no sense.

WR Nathaniel Joseph

  • 247sports: No. 110
  • Rivals: No. 81
  • On3: No. 245

Former Clemson commit Nathaniel Joseph’s ranking is just bad. Its as simple as that. The speedy, electric WR is one of the best in the country, with 247 and Rivals showing him that respect. The two services both have Joseph listed as a top-110 prospect and top-25 WR in the country. Yet, On3 has Joseph listed at No. 245 and WR50. I’d like to see the explanation for this, but the disparity in the ranking has no credibility to me. How can they even justify this?

LB Malik Bryant

  • 247sports: No. 90
  • Rivals: No. 26
  • On3: No. 137

LB Malik Bryant is the Hurricanes’ newest commit. Bryant is one of the most versatile players in the ‘23 class, as he can rush the passer, play great coverage and tackle with the best of them. The Orlando product is listed as a top-90 player and top-five linebacker by 247 and Rivals. In fact, Rivals even has him as the best linebacker in the country. Bryant is clearly one of the best players in country and had almost every blue-blood program vying for his services. Yet, On3 has him ranked No. 137 overall and the No. 10 LB. Makes sense.

How can we fix this?

To me, there’s only one solution. I use 247sports composite rankings for reference in almost all of my articles, and it’s the one I trust the most. I personally think On3’s rankings should not be taken into account with the composite rankings. As I mentioned before, we’re Miami. Being disrespected is nothing new, but when it comes to recruits seeing their ranking drop when they commit to Miami, I’m sure its not a good feeling.