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Miami fails to return to victory formation

Miami adds to the loss column with a tough loss to MTSU.

Miami came out 12 minutes late due to a lightening delay, but that didn't put a damper on their defense. Miami appeared to shut down the opening drive with a 3 and out, but the Blue raiders got aggressive and earned a 1st on 4th and short. Miami proceeded to dominate the next series, but it was all for not. A quick INT by TVD and the Blue Raiders capitalized on a FG. The next drive resulted in another quick Pick 6 by MTSU, and Miami found itself down 10-0 quickly.

After a stalled drive, Miami scored on a FG and resumed a defensive series that saw a long TD pass from MTSU. The subsequent drive was sustained and reached the 15 yard line before the quarter ended with a score of 17-3 MTSU.

The remainder of the game was more of the same. Miami fell behind 24-3 before clawing its way back to a 24-10 deficit before the half. The game continued to spiral for Miami and they eventually lost 45-31. TVD Got pulled in the 3rd Quarter in favor Jake Garcia, but by then it was too little too late.

TVD walks alone after Pick 6

Regardless of the final score, this was NOT acceptable play for the Miami Hurricanes. Cristobal, Gattis, & team will need to figure out the issues and solve the problems Miami has experienced the first 13 of the season as Miami (2-2) prepares to begin ACC play in 2 weeks.

This team has looked unprepared, unmotivated, and unenthusiastic through 4 games. With victories against cupcake teams, and losses to inferior opponents, Miami just hasn't moved the meter as of late.

TVD hasn’t been sharp all season, and this run first offense hasn't made plays when it was necessary. Opposing teams are stacking the box and daring Miami to throw, which it hasn't been able to do with any consistency this season. I don’t care about box scores... yards don’t win games, points do, and Miami hasn’t been able to score a touchdown in 7 straight quarter across 3 games. That finally ended with a 16 play drive where Miami scored on a 4th and 3 with 1:20 to go in the 2nd Quarter. A 6:30+ drive brought the Canes to the half and they came out flat from there.

That was an overall disappointing showing that left the crowd unhappy, and longing for good football. Fans funneled out of the stadium in the 2nd quarter, and continued to do so until the final whistle blew.

Miami will be unranked tomorrow for the first time this season, and frankly, it’s deservedly so. A defense that gave up 507 total yards, and an offense that only accumulated 367 yards just won't cut it. For the stat nerds, we had more first downs, TOP, and fewer penalties, but also were outgained on the ground and in the passing game.

3rd down efficiency has been a stickler for Miami over both of their consecutive losses, with tonight only gaining a first on roughly 13 of the attempts. I can’t recall the last time I saw a Miami team go for it on 4th down 8 times in a single game, but we were more successful in desperation going 5/8.

I have nothing else to say on the matter. On to the BYE week and then on to ACC play.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.