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ACC/SEC Pick’em League, Week 5

A rough week for Miami, and a rough week for me. Smh.

Middle Tennessee v Miami Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Welcome back to another week of the ACC/SEC Pick’Em League!

If you’re new here, this a league with some friends where we pick the straight up winner of any game with an ACC or SEC team playing. That’s the gist of it, but, like everything in life, there’s more to the story than that. If you missed the introduction to this wonderful and stupid world, click the link and get caught up:

And with that, let’s dive into the week that was, and look ahead to this upcoming weekend.

Week 4 Recap

Entering the week, I had 63 points. There were 23 points on the table in Week 4. As I now have 63 points that means I earned 20 points for correct picks last week.

Here are the games I missed:

  1. Miami getting destroyed in humiliating fashion by Middle Tennessee State. A new entry on the list of worst losses in the history of the program for Miami. Wrote about this on the site. Don’t need or want to talk about it. Let’s move on.
  2. Notre Dame beating North Carolina. I figured Carolina’s offense would be enough to overcome their defensive deficiencies. I was wrong.
  3. Arkansas losing to Texas A&M. It took 2 of the biggest fluke plays of the year for me to lose this one. I’m upset.

League Standings

With 20 points last week, I now have a total of 83 points in the league. That’s a decent amount, but it actually dropped me back (thanks, Miami and Arkansas!)

I’m now in a tie for 20th and 6 points back of first place. It’s the points I’m focused on, not the position. I can make up 6 points. But teams need to stop being stupid (Nebraska week 1, Miami last week, etc) for that to happen.

Our new leader in sole possession of first place: Sailor Bob! He’s got 89 points and is 2 points clear of the group tied for second. Huge week for good ol’ Bob! Cecila and Mischa had rough weeks and fell to T-5 and T-9. But, everyone’s still in it so no time to pout.

Week 5 Games and Picks

Last week’s struggle will make this week’s success all the more enjoyable! And a reminder: we’re picking straight up winners; no spreads. Narrative doesn’t matter. Results do.

This week, with bye weeks hitting and conference play starting, there are fewer games and points on the table. Just 16 games for a total of 17 points (including the bonus game 2pter). This is 7 point less than there was last week, and 8 points less than the week before that. This is why those close losses earlier — LIKE NEBRASKA GOING FOR AN ONSIDE KICK UP 11 IN THE 3RD QUARTER IN THE OPENER — hurt so much. Those points count, too.

Sorry. Sorry. I got upset there for a moment.

Picks are here, IN BOLD for each game:

  • LOUISVILLE at Boston College
  • Wake Forest at FLORIDA STATE
  • Virginia Tech at NORTH CAROLINA
  • Wagner at SYRACUSE
  • Virginia at DUKE
  • Georgia Tech at PITTSBURGH
  • LSU at Auburn (boy, if LSU loses to a bad, BAD auburn team I will be mad, and I will laugh at Brian Kelly)
  • Kentucky at OLE MISS (do it to ‘em, Lane!)
  • Eastern Washington at FLORIDA
  • South Carolina State at SOUTH CAROLINA
  • ALABAMA at Arkansas
  • GEORGIA at Mizzou
  • 2 point bonus game: OKLAHOMA STATE at Baylor

Took some chances this week. Either they pay off and we’re closing the gap to Sailor Bob, or we’re gonna be throwing up some YOLO balls the rest of the season just for fun.

Hop in the comments and give your STRAIGHT UP WINNER picks for the week.

Talk soon.

Go Canes