Edster, Cam & Associates (ECA)

So it's only game 1. A 70 - 13 drubbing of D1 Bethune Cookman. Almost broke the school scoring record. And yet the negative nancies at the blast firm of Edster, Cam and Associates are already blasting. The defense according to them is C+. The LBs and DBs gave up too many big plays according to them. Those same LBs and DBs that kept BC out of the end zone to a measly 13 points. That's 1 TD and 2 FGs. 0 rushing TDs. Zero.

Never mind that it's game 1. Never mind that there are new coaches, new players and new schemes. Never mind the 3 picks. Never mind the 14 for 27 BCU passing. ECA wants perfection on every play. Nothing else will do. The folks at ECA are never happy.

There is a reason to play a BC on game 1. It's to see where you are. It's to see what you need to work on. You can't simulate a game in practice.

Now let's get ready for Southern Mississippi. Make sure you play perfect football. Better win by at least 24 and not give up a TD or you'll be fed to the lions.

Go Canes!

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