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The Canes Get Bit By The Wolfpack in OT, 83-81

Miami splits their season series with NC State.

NCAA Basketball: Miami (FL) at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Hurricanes fell to the NC State Wolfpack today in overtime at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC, 83-81. The game was televised on Bally Sports. Well, I have have a seven-day free trial, woo! This free trial allows me to watch today’s game for free, and that’s it. I’ll probably cancel tomorrow. Awesome. Isaiah Wong led the Canes with 25 points. Norchad Omier had 13 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 blocks. Terquavion Smith led the Wolfpack with 20 points. Miami falls to 14-3, 5-2 ACC. NC State improves to 14-4, 4-3 ACC.

Below are some random thoughts from the game. FYI, we’re going mostly negative today due to the loss.

NCAA Basketball: Miami (FL) at N.C. State
Coach L has not been great with calling effective plays out of timeouts.
Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

Out-of-timeout execution has been bad

I used to be excited when Miami came out of a timeout on offense. Coach L would draw up an effective play and they would get a basket or fouled the majority of the time. Now, when Miami comes out of a timeout, I am nervous to see what’s going to happen. They were not crisp today. Long three-pointers and turnovers are not what you want after you just drew up a play during a commercial break. I have a novel idea: run the offense through Wong out of a timeout. Let him take his defender off the dribble and make a decision. I promise that’s better than a Bensley Joseph thirty-footer or an Omier jump shot.

Too many turnovers!

Two of the best traits of last season’s team were their composure and lack of turnovers on offense. Man, how things can change in a year. The 2022-23 Canes make avoidable mistakes on a regular basis. Today, they lost the turnover battle 17-5 to NC State. 17-5?! That’s crazy. The talent on the Canes’ roster is obvious. Despite their sloppy play, they had the ball with a chance to win the game in overtime against a good ACC team. Still, Miami won’t win the ACC or go far in the NCAA Tournament if they don’t tighten it up. Ugh! They really should’ve stolen today’s game! I am invested in this team now, and losses like this sting. This kind of leads me to my next point.

This team is fun, but frustrating

I enjoy watching this year’s Canes team the majority of the time. They are athletic, skilled, can shoot and defend (at times), and Isaiah Wong is a one-man highlight. Having said that, they can also be incredibly frustrating to watch. Today, Wong tossed a lazy underhand pass behind Miller in the second half, which rolled out of bounds. (Eye roll). Miami had just climbed back to retake the lead and could’ve built some more momentum with a bucket there. Unnecessary. Omier is obviously a net positive and the only big man for Miami, yet sometimes he falls asleep on defense and tries to do too much on offense. Annoying. Wooga Poplar will jump on some guy’s back for an offensive rebound he has no chance of getting or try a lay-up at an impossible angle. Why? I expect Coach L to have his team take a long look at the NC State game film. Damn. I was hoping for a solid ACC road win before being worthless on the couch for the NFL Playoffs later today and tonight. Oh well. Enjoy the football everyone!