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Miami Hurricanes announce firing of Offensive Coordinator Josh Gattis

The former Broyles award winner is gone after one season in Coral Gables

Bethune-Cookman v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On Friday morning, the Miami Hurricanes announced the firing of offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.

A veteran coach, Gattis came to Miami with much fanfare. He’d recently spent time at Alabama and Michigan as WR coach and OC. He won the Broyles award as the Nation’s Best Assistant Coach in 2021 at Michigan. So, there was a history of success, and plenty of expectations for Gattis’s move to Miami.

Unfortunately for him and Miami both, things just didn’t work out. While the offensive line is a strength at both of his previous stops, it was a major hindrance to the offensive operations at Miami. And, there was a clear and stark inability to produce explosive plays on offense. And, the early-season efficiency that buoyed Miami’s offensive performance also faded away into nothingness.

In recent weeks, Gattis has been notably absent from on and off-campus recruiting events. Multiple transfer portal targets stated Gattis wasn’t there for their visits to Coral Gables. When receivers are saying the WR coach and OC isn’t there to meet with them on their visit before deciding a transfer location, that’s something you pay attention to. Those rumors and interview nuggets didn’t bode well for Gattis, but then again, neither did his job performance.

In his one year at Miami, Gattis’s offense averaged a paltry 23.6 points per game, 97th in the country....and 5.34 yards per play, 89th in the country. And, I already wrote nearly 2,000 words on the deplorable efficiency and explosiveness numbers. And, moreover, the Canes had the look and feel of a JV team, which isn’t good enough even on the JV level.

Miami now begins (or, really, continues) the search for a new Offensive Coordinator. The coaching roles of QB coach and WR coach are also open, the former due to Frank Ponce returning to Appalachian State for a 3rd tour of duty earlier in January.

Regardless of who fills the open roles for Miami, this was the right move. It was clear that the marriage between Gattis and the Canes was a bad one.

Annulment done.

And forward we go.

Go Canes