Solar Eclipses And North Carolina BBQ, does that mean victory?! We'll See.

Back for another week after that L last week, looking forward to HOPEFULLY wiping that old curmudgeony ass smile off Mack Brown's face. Can we do it? YES. Will we do it? We gotta show up to find out, can't play in any way, shape or form like we did last week.

With that being said, about to head out for a hike to rid myself of any guilt for this food I'm making later. Apparently we have a partial eclipse up here in north GA maxing out at 1:12pm today, so we'll see how that bodes for the game superstition wise.

As far as the food, glad you asked, I got a slab of St. Louis Style Ribs I'm throwing in the slow cooker with a NC Style rub that at this point I'm an expert at (after all these damn NC based teams we've played).

Making baked potatoes with that, NC style slaw, and though unfortunately some strong winds temporarily knocked down one of my tomato plants this week, I actually have green tomatoes that got knocked off that I'm gonna fry.


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