Resetting expectations but damn it, we had an opportunity!

It’s been a whole 24 hours and I am back! I know I said that I was done but damn it I am an absolute disgusting whore for punishment! With 2 ACC loses Miami has effectively eliminated themselves from the ACC Championship Game. Now I originally predicted a 9-3 regular season which I’m on the verge of getting it wrong but somewhere in that prediction I was really hoping to see this team defy the odds. Guess we’re not there yet. We easily have 2-4 more losses on the schedule so now the shift of expectations is to become bowl eligible. That’s it. Be bowl eligible. We are an improved team. I know some might not want to hear it but we are.

The offense is scoring points and we are not getting the doors blown out of…. Yet! The defense is improved but not at the level we want it to be. It also doesn’t help that 2 of our best pass rushers are still dealing with injuries. We are just committing too many damn mistakes on the field. That’s all that’s killing us. Turnovers and stupid penalties. My goodness our own DC got penalized. What a moron! That’s the main thing we’re struggling with. Now a bit underneath that is personnel issues and scheming.

I think TVD is damaged goods and I blame Mario for destroying his confidence when he brought Gattis. The kid sees a therapist for crying out loud! TVD has tunnel vision, staring down X which is why he is getting picked off so many times and after he throws picks he just gets so down on himself so easily. Deen and Mesidor continue to miss games due to injuries and I hear that Kelly too might miss more games after last night. Arroyo is still dealing with whatever it is he is dealing with. We just don’t have enough healthy bodies. Scheming! Where the hell did the TAMU Dawson go? Because that’s the Dawson we were hoping to see but he’s been missing in action. Or maybe he has lost confidence in Tyler somewhat? And where has Brashard been all this time? You wait till garbage time to use to make the game closer than what it was? Also where is Ray Ray Joseph? Where are the other TE’s? We have seen minimal TE usage. So much for being TE U. On the defensive side where is the elder Brown brother? I did not like Davis man on man on Walker. It was just so many things last night that got me asking all these questions.

This is what I mean by personnel issues and scheming. At this point you are who you are. If you’re an undisciplined team now that’s because Mario has allowed it to be that way in practice. You play like how you practice. This team needs to wake up and have a come to Jesus moment before season goes off the rails and recruits start posingt "respect my decision" tweets.

Go Canes!

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