#BeatUVA Week/Spooky Season

Gonna keep this short. 3:30 Kickoff. We'll see which Canes squad shows up. Even if TVD doesn't play, we got the goods to win, just like we had em the two Ls we took thus far. So we'll see.

My wife and I are headed to my Mother-In-Law's house in a bit to have my brother-in-law show us a few scary movies and chow down. The theme is New Orleans, so I'm making fresh Shrimp Po-Boys from scratch, fresh remoulade and everything.

Pairing that with Southern Comfort and a tea infused rum that I call Red Rum cause it's the color of blood once it's done. Hope everyone has a good one and we come out this ho with a dub like always. In all honesty, just saw a video of TVD limping in the stadium, so let's home Emory gets more confident and that Jacurri Brown gets some solid minutes.


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