GaTech Food And Pregame Stuffs

Good day,

As y'all know the GaTech game is an annual tradition for me, whether in Atlanta or in Miami. I'll be out there tailgating, hit me up on Twitter if you want to stop by. I'm planning on making some rum infusions for it.

Food wise, I got me my wife and a couple friends of ours coming down to Miami with me and I think we'll be hitting up the Fritanga Monimbo in Kendall to grab food for the tailgate. Few things more filling/satisfying. My best friend and his wife are gonna come through as well since they live down there.

What do y'all got planned for the game? I'm hoping it's a whooping and that with Kam back we see a repeat of last year, but like I said before, we need to have our mind on the game and not looking towards UNC. 1-0 Mentality. Bunker Mentality. All Day. Let's GO CANES!!!

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