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Miami Hurricanes at Florida State Seminoles game placed on 6 day hold

This year’s Rivalry game will be on national tv, but when?

Texas A&M v Miami Photo by Lauren Sopourn/Getty Images

On Monday afternoon, the ACC announced kick times and TV coverage for games played November 11th.

And for your Hurricanes, starting a major road portion of the schedule with a trip to Raleigh to face NC State, Miami will stay on the road the next week for the rivalry game against the hated Florida State Seminoles. This game is confirmed to be an ABC National TV game, and with the Noles a top 5 team and Miami 6-2 (hopefully 7-2), that makes a lot of sense. But when will that game be played? We’ll find out late Saturday or Sunday.

Odd that the TV portion has been confirmed with the kick time still unknown, but when you have a playoff contending team going up against their hated rivals, that makes complete sense. The ACC wants as many eyes as possible on FSU this year, and with the longstanding desire to leverage Miami’s prominent brand, this gives the opportunity to do both at the same time.

So there you have it.

Miami at FSU on ABC National TV. Time? To be determined.

Focus on NC State, get that win, then all eyes and attention turn to Tallahassee and ruining the Noles’ season yet again.

Go Canes