Dude, Just Take a Knee

What a great tailgate it was at HRS! Cane fans were everywhere. Food, drinks galore! Met SOTU Bro KC and his wife. They are super!

But the game. I'm still in shock. The offensive strategy was offensive. Run right, run right. Run right again. And then run right again. Didn't take long for Tech to realize that all the Canes were doing was running right.

Then Canes have the ball with 1:18 left in the game. That's 78 seconds. In Tech territory. Its 2nd down. Tech has no timeouts. Take a knee and you can run the clock down to 38 seconds. Take another knee and the game is over and you celebrate a W but go figure out why the offense was paltry and putrid.

But NO! Somebody, somewhere on the sideline said run the ball. Some idiot said run it. Run the ball and risk a fumble. Run the ball unnecessarily. No reason to run the ball. NO REASON! You play to WIN the game. Not to LOSE the game.

Lo and behold. The Orange Bowl jinx (or Mario has a gambling problem) strikes again. Fumble. Tech ball. Tech scores. Canes take the L.

I'm still in disbelief, Denial. This just didn't happen. No way Canes didn't take a knee. No way.

And guess what...Mario did the exact same thing at Oregon.

It really is the Orange Bowl/Shalalah curse. Smgdmfh.

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