Oxtails. Nuff Said.

I think we can all agree this part of the season has been tough on all of us, and now here we are at marquee joint and we don't know who's going to show up, so let me just start with the guaranteed positive, the food.

Marinated and rubbed a couple packs of Oxtails this morning, been slow cooking them for about 8 hrs. Gonna pull em and shred them, cook em a little longer in some sauce w/ coconut milk, then top that over arroz con gandules (pigeon peas) and steamed cabbage. Could've done rice and peas, but figured I'd go with a more PR flavor for this one. Got ginger beer, ting and some rums for mixing with mango nectar, amongst other things.

Back to the game. Here's what I got. It's all hands on deck. Defense has played fantastic given they keep getting put out there on the field, but we all see what the main issue keeping us from being undefeated is, TVD and his coaches not pulling him. Idk what the hell is going on, but it's out of my hands at this point guys. Let's hope for a great dub and that the spirit of Sean Taylor, Cortez Kennedy, Jerome Brown and all the other fallen Canes instill that fire in this squad and help them shock the world.

Like the Basketball Team said last season, don't pick us. Now it's up to this team to bring that same energy to a team and a fanbase that continually disrespects our legacy, our brand and our accolades. Fuck them Doak bastards, LET'S GO CANES!!!

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