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Monday Musings: Progress still in play for Canes

NCAA Football: Louisville at Miami Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports


And that means it’s time to grab a mallet and whack-a-mole smack the orange and green-related thoughts randomly popping up in my mind.

1) Well, that stunk. I picked Louisville to win in my picks article, and unfortunately they did. Miami’s offense wasn’t the culprit though. I thought Tyler Van Dyke acquitted himself pretty well. Honestly, the offense showed flashes of what we saw in the Texas A&M game.

2) Unfortunately, the defense was doo-doo. And it was a lot to do with coaching and situational awareness. I watched the Cardinals run a delayed short crossing route behind the play to their tight end what seems like a handful of times, and Miami gave up catches repeatedly. Miami overall didn’t cover well, didn’t pressure the Cardinals’ QB enough, and just plain wasn’t good enough on that side of the ball to win. Disappointing given how good that unit’s been for much of the season.

3) And so now the Canes sit at 6-5 on the season, and Boston College awaits on Friday at noon in Chestnut Hills, MA. Mario, I would HIGHLY advise you to win this game. Boston College might have the same record, but they absolutely stink. They are coming off a loss at 3-8 Pitt and have been particularly terrible at home this year, losing to N. Illinois, almost losing to Holy Cross, and getting waxed by Virginia Tech a couple of weeks ago. That’s dreadfully poor.

Lose this game, and the seat is officially scorching hot for Cristobal entering 2024. Win and lose the bowl game, and it’s moderate progress, but still a disappointing season. Win and win the bowl game, and suddenly you’ve made a three-game jump from last year while being competitive against some good teams, with wins over Texas A&M and Clemson in your pocket. That’s pretty solid progress.

As such, there’s still plenty to play for, and hopefully everyone still remembers that. One game at a time. Take care of business against a team you’re simply way more talented than on Friday, and I’d say it’s safe to say a disastrous second season at least has been avoided.

Go Canes!