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Film Review: Miami 45 - Boston College 20

The Hurricanes handled business in Boston on Thanksgiving weekend. Miami dominated the second quarter which put BC in a whole they’d never climb out of.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 18 Louisville at Miami (FL) Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes blasted the Boston College Eagles 45-20 on Black Friday in Boston, MA. The ‘Canes hit the road on Thanksgiving weekend and dominated BC after a 7-7 start that saw a 21-point second quarter explosion.

The Canyonero keys to victory were:

1- Stop the run. Thomas Castellanos got his, 165 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries (including two sacks). But the other two backs combined for only 13 yards on seven carries.

2- Protect Tyler Van Dyke. The BC ‘pass rush’ (if you can call it that) had ZERO sacks and very little pressure to disrupt Van Dyke from going to work.

3- Lock down Ryan O’Keefe Lewis Bond. Bond had a pretty TD reception but that was about it. The Miami DB’s held him in check.

The prediction was Miami by 7, boy was that playing it safe in a 25-point butt whooping.

The Doppler

Miami won the turnover margin, the penalty yardage differential, and 3rd and 4th down conversion ratios. Miami picked BC off twice, and lost a fumble of their own.

BC had three penalties for 30 yards, Miami was flagged three times for 28 yards. BC also was flagged for a stupid penalty that kept Miami’s opening drive alive on a late hit.

Miami was 6-of-13 on 3rd down and 3-of-3 on 4th down while the Eagles were 4-of-12 on 3rd down and 2-of-2 on 4th down.

The ‘Canes dominated the Josh Gattis Time of Possession Award 37 to 22.

What else wins games? Kicking. And Miami was shaky with Andres Borregales having one field goal blocked and kicking a kick off out of bounds.

Miami Offense

Tyler Van Dyke played another good game with two touchdowns and technically one fumble (Ajay Allen blew that QB/RB exchange IMO). Van Dyke finished 8.1 yards per pass attempt and had a couple of cute scrambles.

The run game was dominant with Henry Parrish Jr. hitting 10.1 yards per carry and two touchdowns. Allen averaged 7.6 yards per carry with one TD, and Mark Fletcher thumped for 3.7 per carry and another TD.

Xavier Restrepo and Jacolby George had solid games once again. Restrepo caught six balls for 117 yards on 19.5 per catch. George averaged 14.8 yards and one TD. Colbie Young added a slant for a TD.

The Miami O-Line did a fine job of protecting Van Dyke, again, they didn’t allow a sack. The OL also only surrendered four TFL’s and Van Dyke had all day to throw on nearly ever drop back.

Above- I’m not 100% into going bunched up under center at the +5 yard line, but I am 100% for it -5 and knowing it’s in the book means less safeties in the future.

Above- You’re seeing the “bend” of bang-bend-bounce here. You don’t see a lot of three gap cutback when the TE is blocking the other direction. Henry Parrish Jr. takes advantage of the BC over run and rotation. BC lost the D-gap back side quite often vs. Miami.

Above- 4th down and Restrepo comes up with the ball between two defenders. BC looked lost out there most of the afternoon. Offensive Play of the Game? Probably so. This is the hammer coming down on the nail that was BC’s defense.

Above- We’ve been asking for this forever. Get Colbie Young 1-on-1 and throw something to the middle of the field. BC thinks they can man up with a 6-5 big body guy? No zone help at all? OK throw the slant in.

Above- Jacolby George needs to be the feature of the offense next year. He’s too fast, too open, too explosive of a playmaker to be second to anyone. Work some run game through him, screens, deep throws, trick plays. Make him the guy.

Above- More things change... Miami wasn’t without flaws vs. BC, they just finally out-talented a team they clearly should every time out. Same goes for Georgia Tech, NC State, and others.

Above- Dawson has gone to the well one too many times. I’m unsure why he doesn’t have more double screens in his game. One read looks can get blown up where doubles it’s much less likely.

Above- Some creative fun to break the game back open? George with fake motion knowing BC is always in man in the red zone. Caught them in man and the CB couldn’t get back in time. This is a secondary Offensive Play of the Game.

Miami Defense

The ‘Canes defense ended the day with two sacks, three tackles for loss and three PBU’s. The defense was stingy on 3rd down, and Castellanos did himself no favors with errant throws.

Castellanos finished with two INT’s, one TD, and averaging six yards per pass attempt. He did have the 6.8 yards per carry, though. Lance Guidry’s MO seems to be to shut one thing down (their RB run game) which typically allows some other gaping hole.

The BC run game was nothing but Castellanos, as Alex Broome and Kye Robichaux were held to five and eight yards rushing, respectively.

Five different BC receivers caught balls of 10+ yards, but Castellanos missed on multiple wide open throws that would’ve resulted in much bigger plays for the Eagles. Dino Tomlin led the Eagles receivers with 16 yards per catch.

Above- Everyone knows the wheel works vs. Guidry’s defense. Teams that can make the throw seem to beat Miami, BC made it 1-2 times but the Q is too inaccurate to turn it into touchdowns.

Above- The squeeze from the DE is nice but still no wrong-arm from the LB. It makes you wonder how some folks never learn. This is a TFL from LB Mauigoa because the wrap doesn’t happen.

Above- I’m not sure what Mauigoa sees but he over-runs this thing, and James Williams sits at 18-20 yards off the ball and freezes. If he scallups down, then scrapes to a finish he wins this and saves a TD. Instead, he freezes flat-footed and dives last second to look busy.

Confidence in both space and contact is key. Williams has lost his confidence due to using poor technique. I honestly think the NCAA does athletes a disservice (shock) by not allowing things closer to contact prep and off-season tackling.

Do players need to be going live banging it out 365? No way. But some controlled tackling onto crash pads with shields between the players would be smart.

Above- A thicc pick? Ahmad Moten picks this thing off after a deflection and the sideline went crazy. When you’re up 35-14 and a DT picks a pass, you can celebrate a little.

Above- Miami had some beautiful throw and catch combos vs. BC; the Eagles hit a couple of their own. Castellanos isn’t all bad throwing the ball, he’s just not consistent enough to win more than 6-7 games with him at QB right now.

The Wrap

Miami hadn’t cruised to a win since September 24rd when they beat Temple 41-7 in Philly. Since the off week Miami has only won three games, two of which were in overtime. Another ‘Canes football regular season is over and we await the bowl game matchup to be announced for The U. Expect a lower tier bowl in a baseball stadium like the Pinstripe Bowl or Fenway Bowl.

Mario Cristobal, Tyler Van Dyke, and the ‘Canes fundraising needed this win, and this type of win. To dominate a fellow 6-5 ACC team on the road, on a holiday weekend, after all the issues between the knee that never was, Emory Williams arm, etc. It was a nice way to cap off a rocky second season for The Mario Era.