NC State & Lemon Pepper Grilled Wings, Because I Feel Like It

Man, I'm pretty exhausted. Been a long 2023 for me and here we are, in a kinda messed up limbo really just looking at this NC State game as a preview of what I need to prepare myself for emotionally going into playing FSU.

Me, I'm going to the store at lunch, grabbing some flats/drums and putting the plan is to put them on skewers in my slow cooker (I got one of those slow cookers with the clamps, so if I can find a way to suspend then in there, we're talking a really nice sear on the outside, then tossing in sauce for some lemon pepper wet style grill wings, and the rest just lemon pepper.

I know the different philosophies on how to interpret this season have kinda fully shaped themselves for the different types of fans we got in this fanbase. Me, y'all know I'm the serial optimist, I think what pisses me off the most is that I know the potential is there. We can do this. This team can do this. It ain't vanilla, the talent is there. Don't get me wrong, I'm really irritated with TVD, and I'm especially irritated with the forcing the ball shit, and some of the conservative play calling with runs on 3rd and otherwise just grinds my gears.

But I'll be watching Saturday at 8pm. I haven't fully lost hope yet. Let's go Canes!!!

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