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GAME THREAD: Miami Hurricanes at NC State Wolfpack

The Canes look to earn their 7th win against a tough NC State team on the road.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Welcome to another Miami Hurricanes game day, everyone!

The Canes look to keep the winning ways going after last week’s 26-23 (OT) win over the Virginia Cavaliers on Homecoming. Next up: the first of 3 road trips in November, this one to Raleigh to face off against the NC State Wolfpack.

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Here are your captains for this week’s game:

And the uniform combo is traditional for the road: White over Orange.

There you have it. The stage is set for Miami @ NC State.

60 minutes. Earn victory. And talk about the path there with ll your internet friends.

Go Canes