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Miami at NC State: Three Stars

The Canes’ offense is nowhere to be found.

Miami v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes lost an ugly game to the NC State Wolfpack tonight in Raleigh, NC, 20-6. Tyler Van Dyke looks like he forgot how to play football, the defense eventually got tired of carrying the team, and Tyler Van Dyke is terrible now. Yes, I mentioned his name twice on purpose. That’s how bad he was. It’s going to be a long final three weeks of the season.

Let’s get to the three stars of the game.

1. Mark Fletcher Jr.

The freshman running back ran hard tonight for the Canes. He finished with a career-high 23 carries for 115 yards. Fletcher was just about the only bright spot for Miami’s offense. Donald Chaney and Henry Parrish barely saw the field with Fletcher receiving the majority of the reps in the backfield. Perhaps a sign of things to come for the rest of the season.

2. Kam Kinchens

Miami’s All-American safety showed some of his skills tonight, despite the butt-kicking given by NC State. He had a beautiful interception and a couple nice tackles that prevented even bigger gains by the Wolfpack offense. Kinchens got banged up and didn’t finish the last drive. Hopefully he’s okay. The defense played solid tonight. Sadly, they were on the field way too much due to no support from their offensive counterparts.

3. My dad

My wife and I came down to Orlando for the night so my parents can see the baby. We had a great dinner with some incredible wine. Even with the wine, food, plus a pre-dinner bourbon, my dad stayed awake until the fourth quarter! Impressive performance by him. I figured he would be sound asleep by halftime, especially with the snoozer of a game tonight.

Honorable mention:

None. The Canes are 2-3 in the ACC and can’t score. It’s an awesome feeling being a Miami Hurricanes football fan right now.

Who were your three stars of the game? Let us know in the comments below.