Its Time to Accept Reality

There are three periods in Cane football history. Pre-Great Cane, Great Cane, and Post-Great Cane.

The Pre-Great Cane Period was before 1981. Miami was an average program. No championship expectations. Win 6 or 7 games and its all good.

The Great Cane Period was 1981 - 2003. Five national championships. Cheated out of a another. Gave away two others. Big East conference championships. Dominance, dominance, dominance. South Florida was the hotbed.The OB was the homefield. Canes WERE Miami!

Then somebody made the decision to leave the OB and the Big East conference. Enter the Post-Great Cane Period. Back to an average program. Can no longer attract an A+ coach. Can no longer consistently get the top players. Can no longer dominate.

Time to see and accept reality. Stop getting your hopes up.

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