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Monday Musings: A quandary during rivalry week

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports


And it’s an FSU week Monday. Unfortunately. As such, it’s time to walk up to the highest diving board, slap on the orange and green swimming cap and swan dive into the pool of Canes-related thoughts sloshing around inside my brain.

1) Tyler Van Dyke is broken. I really can’t explain it. He’s looking indecisive. He’s making bad reads. He’s underthrowing open guys when he does make a good read. It’s a snowball of bad that’s rolling along and getting bigger each week.

2) With that all being said, the move to me for Saturday against FSU is NOT crystal clear. And yes, I’m serious. I’ve railed on TVD’s showing over the weekend. I called for him to be replaced during the game by Emory Williams.

HOWEVER, it’s one thing to have a QB step into a 7-6 or 10-6 deficit at Carter-Finley Stadium, which isn’t that tough of a venue to navigate from a sound/intimidation factor compared to many others. It’s a WHOLE OTHER THING to play at Doak Campbell Stadium against one of the best teams in the country. And yes, FSU is that. Sorry, Miami fans.

As such, it’s a not a great spot to put the freshman Williams in. Perhaps Jacurri Brown (if the staff is out on TVD and/or he’s not fully healthy), as Brown has seen that kind of environment before at Clemson last year. But man, I’d hate for Williams to go and get clobbered in a game that’s going to be hard for Miami to win regardless and have his confidence take a hit. I believe he’s the future for this program.

3) As such, I guess I’d say let Van Dyke start this one (I know I’m probably in the minority here) or Brown if TVD is benched. Unless Miami competes for four quarters in Tallahassee, I’d go with Williams next week against Louisville and see how he fares in the regular season’s final two games followed by the bowl game. Let Williams get some valuable reps in more winnable games moving forward. That, at least to me, seems like the best way to handle the QB position for the rest of the year. *shrugs*

4) Shannon Dawson flummoxed me with his comments today regarding the lack of use of Brashard Smith on Saturday. See for yourself.

Like, bro, HOW IS SPEED AND A CHANGE OF PACE NOT PERTINENT TO THE GAME??? I agree Mark Fletcher was a dude and ran well.......but you mean to tell me you couldn’t scheme up ANY way to get the ball in Smith’s hands? None? NC State’s defense is that bad ass that you couldn’t figure something out? My God. I may not be a coach, but I DO NOT BUY THIS TYPE OF RESPONSE. I find this very worrisome.

5) We will have FSU coverage throughout the week here at State of the U, so I’m not offering a pick yet, but bros and gals, I am not looking forward to this one. It especially stinks because I think Miami’s defense is good enough to keep the team in this game. I just have less than zero faith in the passing game right now. Speaking of that, Mario Cristobal mentioned the passing game today:

No spit, Sherlock.

6) What I AM looking forward to begins tonight: basketball season! The Canes kick off their 2023-24 season tonight against NJIT, looking to get back to the Final Four. I mean, after all, we’re a basketball school now, right?

Go Canes!