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Monday Musings: Waiting on a QB

NCAA Football: Louisville at Miami Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports


Which means it’s time to slap on some orange and green lederhosen, get the polka music going, and gulp down some frothy Miami Hurricanes-related goodness poured straight from my brain.

1) The portal given, and the portal taketh away. Well, at least so far it’s been doing a REALLY good job at the taketh away part. Tyler Van Dyke, gone-zo. Colbie Young, adios. Don Chaney, Jr., sayonara. Corey Flagg, Jr., auf wiedersehen. Among others. It always happens in December that players pack up and leave, but it really hits you when it’s been players that have been around for more than a year and in whom you’ve emotionally invested yourself.

And I mean that. I really wanted to see Van Dyke turn into a star and become the first elite QB that Miami has had since Ken Dorsey. See him become a legit NFL starter. I thought he was going to be that dude after 2021. And I loved watching Chaney run. He was a hard-charging bulldozer whose style, unfortunately, made him susceptible to injuries that really derailed his time in Coral Gables. And I’ll always love Flagg for the tackle on Cade Klubnik to secure one of Miami’s biggest home wins in years.

I wish them and all who leave nothing but the best at their new stops. It sucks, but it’s a part of the college football world that we now live in.

2) Now, we wait. Both for recruiting and portal acquisitions. It used to be that recruiting was the thing that we all obsessed over when dreaming of building future Miami championship teams. Rivals and ESPN stars were all we cared about and talked about. Now? Well, now it’s about getting players from other schools who are ready to play. And like it or not, it’s largely about that NIL cheese now.

3) And the big chip to fall will be at QB. Landing a player like Cam Ward or Dante Moore would be massive, as would Will Rogers. There haven’t been a whole lot of strong rumbling about those three that I’ve seen at least, but sometimes these moves take place close to the vest. On3’s Hayes Fawcett said today that multiple portal QBs should be coming off the board, so it’s worth sticking around on Twitter to see.

4) Francisco Mauigoa announced he’s coming back. That’s massive. He was a human missile on defense this year and will provide a steady presence in the middle of the field again next year. Love that.

5) What in the hell was that, Canes hoops? I was watching NFL, so I wasn’t able to watch that much, but this team is way, way too talented to lose to a team of Colorado’s ilk by 27 points. Two games, two blowout losses in the last couple of weeks. Yuck.

6) Miami has three remaining non-conference games against some low-level competition before welcoming #13 Clemson to the Watsco Center on January 3 to kick off the ACC slate in earnest. Time to work out the kinks and get ready for a big start to conference play.

Go Canes!