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Film Flashback: Jacurri Brown versus Georgia Tech in 2022

Jacurri Brown is getting the starting nod against Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl. Brown’s win as a QB came against Georgia Tech in ‘22.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Miami at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With Tyler Van Dyke transferring to Wisconsin and Emory Williams injured, Jacurri Brown will get the nod for the Miami Hurricane at starting QB in the Pinstripe Bowl. The ‘Canes and Scarlet Knights will face off on December 28th at 2:15pm on ESPN.

In 2022, Jacurri Brown was thrust into a pair of starts as a true freshman. His first start came in a clean win over Georgia Tech, and his second start came against a Clemson Tigers defense that was ready to pounce on the inexperienced passer.

SWOT Analysis

We’ve performed a preseason, midseason, and post-season SWOT Analysis on the ‘Canes themselves, but this time it’s on Jacurri Brown specifically. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (replaced with Traditions on our Summer Scheming pieces).

Strengths: Size, agility, arm strength

Weaknesses: Internal clock, ball placement, arm angles

Opportunities: He has weeks to prepare, no “short leash” issues

Threats: Who is going to suit up? Does anyone at Miami care about winning? Ring Rust.

Miami 35 - Georgia Tech 14

In ‘22, Miami picked up one of their five wins against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. With Brown at QB, the Miami offense finished 7-of-12 on 3rd down, did not turn the ball over, and dominated the Josh Gattis Honorary Time of Possession battle by 11 minutes.

Brown finished 14-of-19 passing for 7.2 yards per attempt and three touchdowns. Brown also rushed 19 times for 87 yards (24 long) with one carry coming as a sack.

Above- What’s the benefit of a mobile QB in the run game? Brown holds two GT defenders on this inside zone read play.

Above- It’s a nice benefit 90% of NCAA teams have that Miami has ignored with Van Dyke, the ability to pick up the 3rd and 2 on the ground.

Above- When the ground game is working the play-action game will start to heat up. The wheel route has worked for Miami under multiple OC’s and continues to work.

Above- You can see the overhang read on swing-draw here. Swing-draw is a pass-run option or PRO. The read flips to ‘pass first.’ Brown is looking to throw the swing.

Above- As you can see when the overhang pressures Brown he throws because he’s got the numbers to make it work. Had the LB ran the flat- it’s a QB run behind the pulling guard.

Above- Miami runs mesh here, an Air Raid staple (RIP Coach Leach). It’s thrown behind Jaleel Skinner (A TE... running mesh... or getting a target at all?!). Again, ball placement isn’t Brown’s specialty.

Above- A very creative play call from Gattis- Counter-Bash. The run game gets more fun when you can run the QB, pull linemen, and even tag in some RPO’s.

Above- Big fan of using wrinkles off the play-action slide inside the +10 yard line. It’s so hard to defend the run fake, a scrambling QB, and a TE or RB in the flat.

Above- Brown steps up into the pocket but man he needs to work on his deep ball accuracy. Knowing how much air to put under, how far to lead someone- that all takes game reps he didn’t get in 2023.

The Wrap

From what anyone outside of the coaching staff can tell- Brown will not only get the start but there isn’t much in the way of depth to replace him if anything goes wrong. Like I said in the SWOT Analysis: Brown has the agility and arm strength to be a good player. However, Brown needs to work on his internal clock and ball placement.

The Pinstripe Bowl is a great opportunity for Brown to be the clear starter for multiple weeks leading up to the game, and to not have to worry about having a ‘short leash’ like he had to in 2022 with Garcia looking to push him for playing time.

For Brown, I hope he has a great game and can display the reason to either keep him on campus as a potential starter, or to impress another program to take him as a transfer.