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Monday Musings: The big wait continues for the Canes

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


And you know what that means. It’s time to slap on an orange speedo and a green swimming cap and swan dive into the deep end of the Miami-Hurricanes-related thoughts sloshing around inside my brain.

1) I keep checking Twitter for updates on whether a Miami quarterback target has made a decision. Cam Ward sounds down to between Miami and FSU, if you believe the ol’ interwebs. Basically, it’s going to be a massive boost for the Canes, or a gut punch with a massive boost for the Canes’ biggest rival. That’s......a pretty big swing of fortunes. Ward is an absolute weapon who could take the Canes’ offense to very high level.

Will Howard would be a solid pickup and fallback option, but he’s trending to USC over the last day. If Miami loses out on Ward and Howard, that would be a big blow for 2024. If they could get in on someone like KJ Jefferson, that might soften the blow, but they can’t wait forever. The transfer portal moves very quickly.

Hopefully by the time I write this column next week, Miami will know if it has an impact transfer quarterback heading to Coral Gables.

2) Jalen Rivers is going to be back for not just the bowl game, but also for the 2024 season. That’s a massive, MASSIVE development for Miami’s offensive line. That’s one less spot the Canes will have to fill on the line this Spring. Now, Miami will have both of their tackles in place for 2024. Again, a huge boost for Miami’s offense.

3) Well, the chips are falling for former Canes headed to new locations. Tyler Van Dyke is heading to Madison, Wisconsin to play for the Badgers. That’s an interesting landing spot. I didn’t watch that much Badgers football this fall, to be honest, but their offense was quite poor from what I saw. He should end up being better than whatever they had, and he’s going to get great exposure in the Big Ten. I wish him nothing but the best with the Badgers and hope he succeeds there.

4) Don Chaney, Jr. ended up with Louisville. I love that spot for him as well. Louisville is heading in the right direction as a program. They should have been in the Orange Bowl this year had the CFP committee not been total clown shoe morons. Chaney’s time at Miami was unfortunately injury riddled. If he can stay healthy, he should provide a good physical presence to whatever speed options there. And, oh yeah, the Cardinals and Canes face off this year, so Miami’s defense will have to try to tackle the former Cane.

Go Canes!