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Miami Hurricanes 2024 Recruiting Notebook: RB Chris Wheatley-Humphrey

You want speed? CWH brings plenty of it to the Hurricanes offense.

RB Chris Wheatley-Humphrey is one step away from scoring. Yes. Right now.

In this installment of The Recruiting Notebook, we meet a speed demon of a running back who is always 1-step away from scoring: Hollywood (FL) South Broward 3-star RB Chris Wheatley-Humphrey.


In an effort to add explosiveness to the Canes offense, Miami turned their recruiting attention to Hollywood (FL) South Broward RB Chris Wheatley-Humphrey.

A 6’0” 175lb back, Wheatley-Humphrey has game breaking speed. In 2022 as a junior for South Broward, he had 70 carries for 1,166 rushing yards — a stunning 16.7 yards per carry average — and 8 TD in 7 games. Also caught 6 passes for 75 yards and a TD.

Following that standout season, Wheatley-Humphrey made several visits...all of them to Miami. He went to campus for an unofficial in January, Junior Day in March, an unofficial visit in April, and committed the day after his 3rd visit. The talented RB made another visit just last weekend for his official visit, locking things up just ahead of the early signing period.

Freshly committed to Miami, Wheatley-Humphrey — whose nickname is Hellcat after the supercharged Dodge Challenger and Charger vehicles — went on a mission to prove he belongs at this level. As a senior in 2023, he compiled the following stat line: 159 carries for 2,076 yards (13.1 yards per carry) and 16 touchdowns. Another massive year for Wheatley-Humphrey, and another showcase of the talent and blazing speed that brings him to Miami.

Recruiting Ranking

On the 247sports composite, Wheatley-Humphrey is a 3-star prospect, the #58 RB nationally, #108 in the State of Florida, and #751 player overall in this class.

Rudolph committed to Miami over a list of 13 scholarship offers from around the country, which included Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Cincinnati.

As A Player

The conversation about Wheatley-Humphrey has to begin with his game-breaking speed. He is uncommonly fast, and can get up to top speed in just a few steps. Wheatley-Humphrey’s speed plays in all areas of the game: running the ball, catching it out of the backfield, and in the return came. In short: you can’t teach speed, and Wheatley-Humphrey has it in a big, big way.

At 6’0” 175lbs, Wheatley-Humphrey has good height for an offensive player, but is a touch on the light side. For his durability, the goal of gaining 10-15lbs up to the 190ish range should be the goal, but everything should be in service of him keeping his native speed and quickness. That’s the trait that sets him apart as a player, so that’s the trait that has to be cared for above all else.

Wheatley-Humphrey is a decisive runner, which is good to see. Sometimes when a player have speed like he does, you see a lot of dancing trying to get to the perfect play. With Wheatley-Humphrey, he goes with the flow/intended direction of the play, but his goal is to find a hole, get up the field, and use his track star speed to run away from defenders. Wheatley-Humphrey routinely runs away from defenders, even outrunning players with an advantageous pursuit angles.

Wheatley-Humphrey is adept at catching the ball out of the backfield, and, stop me if you’ve heard this, he’s a mismatch against linebackers due to his incredible speed. Flat route checkdowns and angle/Texas routes go from simple, short gains to explosive plays regularly with Wheatley-Humphrey.

One area for improvement is pass protection. Wheatley-Humphrey was seldom, if ever, asked to do this in HS, so that will be an immediate area for growth as he transitions to the college level. Added weight and strength will be a benefit for Wheatley-Humphrey in this regard, as most players he’ll have to pick up in blitz/pass protection will be bigger than him, even if he adds some weight.


  • Speed
  • No seriously, SPEED
  • Big play ability
  • 1-cut running style


  • Needs to add weight
  • Pass protection/blitz pickup
  • Consistent inside running against better competition

Miami Outlook

Note: changed this up from just a freshman-season outlook to a career outlook for each player a couple years ago and we’re continuing that style this year as well.

Like 2023 signee Chris Johnson — a speedster RB with track champion speed — Wheatley-Humphrey’s career will be defined by his ability to reshape his body and add the missing elements of skill to his game.

Miami’s RB group is loaded, as it should be. With that being the case, it will probably be a season or two until Wheatley-Humphrey gets a realistic shot to enter the RB rotation for the Canes. However, he has the talent and standout ability — namely his speed — to make an impact when given the opportunity.

At a minimum, Wheatley-Humphrey should be a solid change of pace back in the offense. His physical and skill based development will be the thing that either allows him to elevate higher up the depth chart and even challenge to be the starting running back...or not. Either scenario could end up being true, but time will tell which way things go.

That’s it for this installment of The Recruiting Notebook.

Go Canes