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Monday Musings: A massive slap in the face for the ACC

NCAA Football: Miami at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports


And you know what that means. It’s time to stuff myself with orange slices and green vegetables and barf out the Canes-related content glurbing around in my mind.

1) The college football playoff committee got it dead wrong, and in the process, they spit squarely in the face of every single member of the ACC. By giving the middle finger to undefeated Florida State, they marginalized the ACC. FSU earned the right to be in the playoff. They beat everyone on their schedule, including EIGHT teams headed to bowls. They scheduled and beat two SEC teams away from home by multiple scores. They beat Louisville by double digits. They had their backup QB coming back for the bowl game, who made them look at least decent on offense. They weren’t NEARLY as piss poor as the SEC/ESPN apologists made them out to be.

I’m left with the question of: why the hell do we play the games? How can a team that literally does all it can do every single week be left out? I know it’s FSU. I should be giggling gleefully as a Canes fan - especially after 2000 - but I’m not. It could have happened to Miami. It could be another ACC school another time. It could be Clemson—— wait, no, just kidding. Pretty sure Clemson would have gotten in at 13-0. It’s apparently as much about what you’ve done in previous years as it is what you did this year for the CFP, it seems...with Georgia excepted.

2) My point about FSU is that it spells out what the CFP committee thinks of the ACC, and that opinion is pure shit. My co-writer Rob Weaver is spot on with his recent comments. Every single word. The ACC is going to have to deal with being a second-class citizen to ESPN and their spouse, the SEC. And the B1G. Those are the only entities that are going to matter moving forward in college football.

FSU is gone with the wind after this bullshit. They’ll look to join one of the only two conferences that will be relevant in college football: the SEC and B1G. Guarantee it. Miami should follow suit and find out what it will take to get out and join one of them. Because Miami and the ACC can’t fight the powers that be in major college football. And if you can’t beat them, join them.

3) And OH YEAH. THE ACC BEAT THE SEC 6-4 HEAD-TO-HEAD THIS YEAR. The Canes helped out with an emphatic victory over Texas A&M. But yeah, the SEC has won a ton of championships in the past and shit. And yeah, we’re treating this as the 2011-2023 college football playoff championship selection show now. So tough shit, ACC, I guess.

4) Speaking of the Canes, they’re stuck in the New York Yankees whatchamacallit bowl against Rutgers. Barf. But it does provide the opportunity to potentially F.I.N.A.L.LY. win another bowl game, which is beyond a massive thing for this program. Rutgers is 6-6 and has faltered against basically every good team they’ve faced, although they gave Ohio State a decent fight at home. Miami and their ground game will hopefully be able control the game and take some pressure off Jacurri Brown. It’s always an unknown for what a new QB will bring (yes, we saw Jacurri a good bit last year, but this is a new year and new situation with a new OC/etc.), but Miami’s ground game has given me a lot more confidence than I otherwise would have.

Still time to chew on this and let it soak in, but at first glance, I like it despite the ho-hum game and opponent. 8-5 with one of those losses literally handed to their opponent would still signify a bit of progress from last year.

But lord have mercy, it had better be an 8-5 final record.

Go Canes!