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Discussing the Million Dollar question.

What’s taking Mario so long to find Coaches?

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

It’s well known that Miami Head Coach Mario Cristobal is known for his hard-nosed, physical style of play, his relentless work ethic, and his ability to recruit top-notch talent.

I was having a discussion today with fellow Canes enthusiasts about why some football coaches don’t want to coach for Mario at the collegiate level. There were all kinds of comments which underscores the fact that Football coaches may choose not to coach at the collegiate level for a number of reasons. Some coaches may want to focus on coaching at the professional or high school levels, while others may feel that the intense pressure at the collegiate level is not for them. Additionally, having to balance recruiting with coaching, and a demanding schedule that can leave little time for family and other interests may not be attractive to most. Some coaches may feel more comfortable in the NFL where the rules and regulations are more established and the salary and job security may be greater.

I wanted to share some excerpts of the conversation with you and get your opinion on the subject afterwards.

This is the jist of the conversation:

Friend 1: Word is that Mario’s interview expresses a HUGE demand on recruiting and at the level he expects for Coaches to recruit and this is sticking in the minds of a lot of coaches that it’s a little too much. (I love it), but that’s also possibly scaring away a lot of big time (P5) coaches and getting more of the G5 coaches that are wanting a shot in the fold.

Me: Gimme the hungry guy every time. If you think you aren’t going to work hard and long under Saban or Smart you’re mistaken.

Friend 2: When Mario came here, lots of coaches who coached with him said that man was going to work the staff extra hard.

Friend 3: Times are changing and NIL is going to run all the good P5 coaches to the league. To recruit against Alabama and NIL is tough! (I just used Bama as an example). My humble opinion is the development in football will go out the window. These coaches are going to be worn out by season 2. That means corners will be cut just like at any other job. Until they find some balance, the NCAA will be a cluster f***.

Me: They can cry about it, or do something about it. It’s a new age, but the game hasn’t changed. I firmly believe that if you develop, and produce, that speaks louder than words. We have NIL, we have investment, we have facilities, we have a market, but we don’t have proof of development.

Friend 3: These coaches job just got harder off the field…

Me: Ok, and? Do it or move over so someone else can.

Friend 3: So that’s going to cut down production and development.

Me: I disagree. You can supplement with analysts and bring in great minds as advisors.

Friend 3: Man these guys don’t want work as hard anymore…

Me: And THAT is the problem! The league is only so big…

Friend 3: They’re not going to chase 17 year old kids, coach in practice, be on the road. That’s why they’re jumping ship. Or just go G5…

Me: Ok, see ya! Like I said, gimme the hungry guy every time, he’s gonna do it. Hire them lazy but experienced mfs as advisors.

Friend 3: Young and hungry gets you 7 wins at best

Me: My opinion here… Is the Head guy experienced? If the answer is yes, then he can lead. If the answer is no, it’s a crap shoot. Manny wasn’t experienced. Mario is... Everyone, even experienced people, have to continue to learn.

Friend 2: We will have to use our resources a lot better.

Me: True. You need the right mix of experience and hunger. Head coaches like Saban and Smart are so successful because they have experienced staffs but also have younger coaches who bring hunger and energy. That’s what I think Mario has to do with this staff.


What are your thoughts? How would you add to the conversation?

Let us know in the comments below.