"Coach L Should Retire"

Congratulations and praise are in order , and perhaps;

an apology . . .

Coach Jim Larrañega and the Miami Hurricanes Basketball team beat Pitt yesterday and became the ACC regular season CO Champs and the TOP SEED in the 2023 ACC Tournament! Anyone who loves the Canes, college sports, or the thrill of victory would have been moved by the scene yesterday as fans rushed the court engulfing the jubilant players in a human tsunami that lifted Coach Jim Larrañega to cut the nets in commemoration of his very important 250th victory at the U!

But he won a lot more yesterday and all season long, (and last season with an Elite 8 run as well actually!)

Flashback to offseason 2021;

3 starters including then superstar Chris Lykes, heavily recruited Earl Timberlake, and Elan Oliyani leave the U and enter the transfer portal! Chris YIKES!

It seems that U Basketball is in disarray and Coach L is looking tired and cooked to some...

In fact CAMERON UNDERWOOD here on SOTU wrote a piece which I can now not find where he said that COACH L IS OLD AND SHOULD RETIRE - or something to that effect!

Now at that moment when I saw that article I was incensed. Here you had a future Hall of Fame coach (Taking George Mason to Final 4 alone insured that!) who had already transformed the UM program with an Elite 8 appearance, a new basketball stadium, and most importantly a true cultural transformation - and the editor here calls for his head. That last point is most important to al UM athletics especially football.

Jim Larrañega does not allow egotistical prima donna athletes to rule his program. Time and again we have seen him reprimand or part with undisciplined problem players no matter their profile. Disciplined, mature team first could be Coach L's motto. This is completely contrary to the UM Football team and those who egg them on for the UM "Swagger". The "TURNOVER CHAIN" would have NEVER happened under Coach L. (Maybe we should all wear a TURNOVER CHAIN for all the Football Coaches who have come and gone?)

BACK to 2021 - While CAM and others were calling Coach L done and baked he quietly went looking in the transfer portal and found a gem of a point guard named Charlie Moore and others and built a team that would surpass all the teams of all those misguided kids that left and dance to the sound of sweet sixteen! Jim Larrañega - in the darkest hour when he was abandoned by players, fans, and sports media, stayed positive, worked through it and triumphed. And the next year, he reloaded yet again and brought us the current pieced together powerhouse team with Nigel Pack, Norchad Omier, Wooga Poplar, Bensley Joseph, and the 4 year seniors who also got through this roller coaster Harland Beverly and Isaiah Wong.

So yes Congratulations are definitely in order (And good luck for the POST SEASON ACC AND BIG DANCE!!!)

You all know what else has to happen (CAM Looking at ya!)


FOOTBALL TAKE NOTE - You know the basketball program, despite the fact that it completely outperformed (both Women and Men btw) the football program in the last 10 years - remains in the shadows here on SOTU and in Miami.I haven't posted in a long while. I am put off by this site's over emphasis on football. UM football community can learn a lot from our current Bball program and it's HOF leader.

PS: Hoping to see more of this in the post season

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