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Trick Daddy would say shut up, and win some games

Aligning Miami native Trick Daddy’s lyrics up to some Hurricane happenings past and present.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2022 - Show Photo by Prince Williams/Filmmagic

Miami native Trick Daddy (f/k/a Trick Daddy Dollars), real name Maurice Young, became synonymous to the Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins in the late 1990’s and early to mid 2000’s.

Trick Daddy’s rap debut took place in a featuring on Uncle Luke’s hit single “Scarred” in 1996. Luke and Trick were both big supporters of the Miami Hurricanes football program, even if Luke has been maligned in his later years. Trick’s verse is an all-time debut and pushed him from the streets to the Slip N’ Slide.

How Miami was Mr. Young? Trick Daddy’s 1998 music video “Nann” saw a cameo of ‘Canes running back Edgerrin James as he was preparing for his breakout season, while the video for Trick’s hit song “Shut Up” was filmed in The Orange Bowl.

Trick and James reunited on ESPN’s Madden Nation show in 2007. It’s one of the funniest moments in television history. I’m not sure if Troy was prepared to roll into that scenario to play a little Madden, ESPN there or otherwise.

Now that Miss Trina is Mrs. Trina, and no one has to worry about roaming charges when they’re away, with Ike Austin long retired, and a Benz costs more than $50K- let’s look at Trick Daddy’s lyrics (and sometimes the lyrics of featuring artists on Trick’s songs) and the connections to Miami Hurricanes football.

“Now They Wanna Holler,” Based on a True Story, 1997

Lyrics: So you wanna be like Mike? / Go ahead I’l be like Big Ike

In 1997, the 23 year old Trick Daddy (Dollars) released his first full length album titled Based on a True Story. It had a couple of smooth tracks even if the melodies were more focused on an early period of hip hop.

Trick raps about being like Big Ike. Ike Austin came to the Miami Heat as a journeyman back up center and replaced Alonzo Mourning when Zo was injured in 1997. Austin had a solid season or two with Miami but much like the ‘Canes- he was an overhyped moment in Miami lore.

Heading into the 2023 football season, the hype train is starting to pick up steam in Coral Gables. Mario Cristobal has replaced his coaching staff, unloaded and reloaded via the transfer portal, and fans look ahead to an improved season.

“Nann,”, 1998

Lyrics: Hell no, I don’t wanna holla at no motherfuckin’ Trick / He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennessey and shit, hell no

The club hit that put Trick Daddy on the map was 1998’s “Nann.” Trick Daddy and Trina would become a dynamic duo for the better part of a decade in hip hop.

1- Edgerrin James is in the damn video while he was still in college playing for Miami. The 1998 season saw James rush for 1,417 yards and 17 touchdowns including 299 yards alone against UCLA in ‘98. That game put James into the 1st round of the 1999 NFL Draft as the no.4 overall pick. James went on to a Hall of Fame NFL career mostly with the Colts.

2- OK- you are hammered at the tailgate and probably have some BO from being in the hot sun in Miami Gardens, she’s not gonna holla at cha, bruh. Keep the tailgating videos coming though, I’m living vicariously through you as someone that hates going to games in person.

“In da Wind,” Thug Holiday, 2002

Lyrics: Movin through the dirty at a slow pimps pace / Kinda like the turtle and the rabbit in the race

Big Boi, one of my all-time favorite rappers, was featured on the track in 2002. The association here is that Cristobal is just the tortoise in the rebuild of The U, and not the hare. He’s taking the slow, steady, controlled process to winning the ACC (or the Big Ten Southeast in the future). Building an SEC winner is a marathon, not a sprint.

So here’s to hoping Cristobal is just slow playin’ us and not going to wind up whacked in the driveway like Lane Kiffin or like his namesake in Barry.

“Take it to da House” Thugs Are Us, 2001

Lyrics: We don’t play, we (take it to da house) / M.I.A. (take it to da house) / This the way we (take it to da house) / Take it to da house (take it to da house) / Three-oh-five (take it to da house)

Josh Gattis had no idea how to (take it to da house). Dan Enos had no idea how to (take it do da house). I sure hope Shannon Dawson does know how to (take it do da house) or us fans are in for another long year, and so will quarterback Tyler Van Dyke.

Rhett Lashlee’s offense wasn’t even that great compared to Ryan Day’s or Lincoln Riley’s but we felt spoiled by scoring 30 PPG in 2020 and 2021.

“Let’s Go,” Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets, 2004

Lyrics: And everybody know somebody that / know somebody that know somethin’ bout it

Trick Daddy speaking to the message board, podcast, and Twitter heroes that act connected to every little detail of the program but also don’t know cover three from mesh.

By 2004 Miami was coming off of quite the run in college football and about to hit the downward slope. If only Trick had spent time teaching local coaches somethin’ bout it, like I propose in part four of my series on South Florida Football, maybe the last 15+ years wouldn’t be so bad.

“Sugar (Gimmie Some),” Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets, 2004

Lyrics: Cuz, Florida oranges and Georgia peaches / When they nice and ripe, they the best for eatin’

Is Trick Daddy comparing the Florida talent to the Georgia talent? The U to UGA? Do the ‘Canes have enough talent to make Bud Elliott’s Blue Chip Ratio, and thus compete for a spot in the College Football Playoff in 2023?

Coach Cristobal has been recruiting nationally to land the best plate of fruits and veggies money can buy- Idaho potatoes, Georgia peaches, IMG pina coladas, and a few local oranges thrown in for good measure. Let’s hope that can be thrown in a Magic Bullet and produce one hell of an ACC Championship caliber smoothie.

“For The Thugs,”, 1998

The lyrics: If I was a hundred dollar bill / Would ya, could ya ride for me? / Start a fight, better yet / would you die for me?

Did Trick Daddy foreshadow the use of NIL deals and college football? It seems in ‘23 the only way to get a loyal teammate is via some NIL dough. Then again, Mario must not be a hundred dollar bill because wide receivers aren’t knocking down the ‘Canes door this summer.

“Shut Up,” Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47, 2000

To hell with the lyrics, the damn video was shot in The Orange Bowl after being release in November of 1999. Trick Daddy, Trina, and the OB a year before Miami would beat no.1 ranked Florida State in that very stadium.

Trick Daddy didn’t just put out fun songs, and great songs, he also was the master of the music video for a decade long run.

“I’m a Thug,” Thugs Are Us, 2001

The lyrics: I don’t know, what this world’s gonna bring / But I know one thing, that this is the life for me / Baby cause I’m a thug

In the end, I’m not sure if Mario Cristobal will be “the guy” that brings The U to a “we back” state of winning natties, but I know one thing, I’m a Cane. We’re all ‘Canes, and as we head into a boring summer off-season and prepare for the long haul of the 2023 regular season, keep in mind we’re all suffering or succeeding together.