My Season Prediction for the 2023 Football Season.

Greetings to all! It has been a LONG time since I've done one of these. But first, I hope everyone here is doing well, in good health and in good circumstances. It has been a while since I frequented this site but now with summer camp just 2 weeks away it's time to focus on our Miami Hurricanes football team and what better way to start than by coming up with a half ass correct prediction of the 2023 season? Now last year was an atrocious start to the Mario era. No need to talk about it. It was a disaster and that's behind us now.

This year, surprisingly I feel a bit optimistic based on the complete flip of the roster and coaching changes. We have Shannon Dawson who avg 36.5 ppg as Houston's OC last year. We also brought in Lance Guidry from Marshal whose defense allowed and avg of 16 ppg last year. On paper that's impressive. We also brought in lots of transfer portal help. Out of all the transfers we picked up the ones that excite me the most are Offensive Center Matt Lee, Left Guard Javion Cohen and Mike LB Fransico Mauigoa. Three dudes at positions in desperate need of an upgrade. All of these moves have awakened some optimism in me. So, without further ado, here is my prediction for 2023 football season.

1) vs. Miami (OH). 33-17 W.

2) vs. Texas A&M. 24-21 W.

3) vs. Bethune C. 63-0 W.

4) @. Temple. 35-14 W.

5) Bye week.

6) vs. Georgia Tech. 42-0 W.

7) @. North Carolina. 41-38 W.

8) vs. Clemson. 49-21 L.

9) vs. Virginia. 38-19 W.

10) @. NC St. 35-31 L.

11) @. Backpack U. 31-17 L.

12) vs. Louisville. 38-24 W.

13) vs. Boston. 44-14 W.

There you have it. I predict Miami will improve to 9-3 this season. We will avenge last year's Texas A&M loss. We will finally end North Carolina's 4 game win streak against us. However, Clemson will once again have their way with us. I have a sneaky feeling that NC St will beat us. Honestly, it's a coin toss, we are at home and we've had their number now for a long time. We beat them in 2012, 2016, 2020 and 2021 but I think they will finally get one over us. And finally Backpack U... Sigh... It pains me to say it, but I think they will continue the streak and make it 3 in a row against us. Insert the vomit emoji right here.

Overall, I think Mario and this team will improve this year and get us excited for what's to come in the future. Granted all depends on the health of this team. We can easily have another MISERABLE season if injuries at key positions start to pile up like what happened last year. There is still time to continue to work the portal this fall and perhaps add more depth pieces but that all I got. Miami goes 9-3 in this year.

We can also go 7-5 or 8-4 but I feel good and this is what I'm sticking with and if we do have this type of season and if this team puts a good product on the field and is competitive even in the losses you better believe Mario will most likely end up signing another Top 10 class.

So that's it! That's my prediction. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below and as always...

Go Canes!!!

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