CanesInsight Forums, anyone have a bad experience over there?

Or is it just me? What an odd, dystopian type environment that exists with the moderators on their forum. I made an account a couple months ago and they quickly banned me because I said Lincoln Riley was a better coach than Mario (sorry but it’s true) while also accusing me of being an alternative account for some former USC troll. After I established I wasn’t this infamous USC troll, they let me back on the boards but banned me again because I disagreed with another poster about conference realignment and where Miami might land. The argument didn’t get out of hand and I never said anything nasty or derogatory. I just questioned this dude who was 100% sure Miami was headed to the BIG 10 (still waiting on the invite) and he reported me to the moderators because my questions were "annoying him", and off the board I go. I asked the moderators what rule I broke and they said I was "trolling" while refusing to provide any details of wrongdoing. They also said I was "pond scum" as well as many other cheap insults.

For whatever reason I still wanted to be a part of that board and the moderators said I needed to create an "apology thread" for the poster I annoyed with my realignment questions. I created the thread even though I had no idea what I was supposed to be apologizing for and they let me back on. I spent a good 2 months trying really hard not to anger anyone but was banned again yesterday because I said we should consider a stadium in Homestead as opposed to Tropical Park. This is seriously ban worthy? Lol

The most bizarre thing I often witnessed over there was the childish cyber bullying from the moderators. I wasn’t the only one they seemed to dislike as I’d see them routinely taunt or ban posters who simply disagreed with them on what were mostly unimportant topics. It really makes the forum shitty when clowns like them treat people that way. I’m part of several other forums from cars, music, and other hobbies and I’ve never witnessed such behavior from people in charge. Moderaters on other forums enforce rules and that’s about it. Never seen a forum where moderators act like they’re in a fraternity while feeling the need to suppress others to prop themselves up.

I’m not angry or upset about it. I’m done with that place. I will praise sites like SOTU for providing good content and encouraging open conversation.

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