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ESPN: Miami Hurricanes are Tight End U

Well, yeah. We could’ve told anyone that years ago.

NCAA Football: Miami at Maryland Pouya Dianat-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has finally confirmed what anyone who’s watched college football over the last few decades has already known: that the University of Miami is Tight End U.

ESPN listed the top 10 schools for each positional group, going through data that goes back to 1998 (NFL Draft picks, college and NFL performances, etc.) and Miami checked in at #1 on the list for tight ends. Notre Dame was #2, followed by Iowa. I probably would’ve given Iowa the nod over Notre Dame, but hey...potay-to, potah-to.

ESPN’s David Hale had the following to say regarding putting Miami at #1:

It’s absurd that people attempt to make the case for anyone else as tight end U. Miami isn’t just a clear-cut No. 1. The Hurricanes are tops by a country mile (or an Everglades mile, if you will). In the Position U era (since 1998), the Canes have had 15 tight ends drafted. They’ve had a future NFL tight end on their roster every year. The 2007 season was the lone year their starter (or co-starter) at tight end didn’t go on to be drafted. Will Mallory added to the lineage this spring, going in the fifth round to the Indianapolis Colts, and he joins a genuinely astonishing parade of talent that includes Jeremy Shockey, Greg Olsen, Bubba Franks, Jimmy Graham and David Njoku.

15 tight ends drafted with the aforementioned players being at or near the top of NFL tight ends for years. No one else can post a list of tight ends that supremely impressive. And some of the unnamed tight ends that went on to be drafted include Clive Walford, Chris Herndon, and Brevin Jordan, who ended up as serviceable NFL players (or still is, in Jordan’s case, with a ceiling for more).

Miami appeared at other positional groups in the series, coming in #4 in running backs (behind LSU...I could have seen that one going either way), #9 in linebackers, and #5 in defensive backs. I’m VERY surprised they weren’t in the top 10 at defensive line, with Vince Wilfork, Calais Campbell, Greg Rousseau, and Jaelan Phillips on the resume. But hey, ok.

Oh, and Florida State was listed as #1 for “Kicker U”. *INSERT DONKEY LAUGH .GIF*

Go Canes!