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ACC/SEC Pick ‘Em League, Week 1

Week 0 was easy. Now, the games begin.

LSU, need you to do the Lord’s Work this week
Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Welcome back to the ACC/SEC Pick’em League for the 2023 season!

We’re already off to a flying (well, maybe walking) start after a 2 game slate in week 0. But things pick up with a PACKED slate of games in week 1. With a couple separator games, the standings will get a bit of definition come Monday night.

If you missed the setup for this league last year, here’s the cliffs notes version: pick games featuring an ACC or SEC team, straight up, for a full season. Add in a 2pt bonus national game every week. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season wins. If you want the full narrative, click the link below:

And with that, let’s dive into the week that was, and look ahead to this upcoming weekend.

Week 0 Recap

Entering the week, I had 0 points (it was the start of the season, duh). There were 3 points on the table in Week 0. As I now have 3 points that means I earned all available 3 points for correct picks last week.

The games? Vanderbilt over Hawai’i and Notre Dame over Navy. Nice and easy. On to week 1.

League Standings

There are 58 competitors for MY title this season. All but two got all 3 available points in week 1. The pair who didn’t went on a limb picking Hawai’i over Vanderbilt. Even with that miss, they’re still within 1 point of the lead.

So, basically, the season is just starting and anything can happen.

Week 1 Games and Picks

Last week only had a pair of games for a total of 3 points; this week, there are 24 games to pick for an available total of 25 points. Big week of points, so we need a big points haul. Remember, we’re playing to win the league, so every point counts, even in Week 0 or 1. A couple games will be separators across the league, I think, but I’m sticking with my summer research thoughts and taking some chances. Scared money don’t make money (metaphorically speaking).

Picks are here, IN BOLD WITH AN ASTERISK for each game. And, reminder, picks in this league are always straight up “who’s gonna win the game” picks.

  1. Elon at WAKE FOREST*
  3. Miami (OH) at MIAMI HURRICANES*
  4. LOUISVILLE* at Georgia Tech
  5. Northern Illinois at BOSTON COLLEGE*
  6. Wofford at PITTSBURGH*
  7. Colgate at SYRACUSE*
  8. Old Dominion at VIRGINIA TECH*
  9. LSU* vs Florida State (in Orlando)
  10. CLEMSON* at Duke
  11. Florida at UTAH*
  12. South Dakota at MIZZOU*
  13. Virginia at TENNESSEE*
  14. Ball State at KENTUCKY*
  15. Mercer at OLE MISS*
  16. UMass at AUBURN*
  17. Western Carolina at ARKANSAS*
  18. SE Louisiana at MISSISSIPPI STATE*
  19. UT-Martin at GEORGIA*
  20. New Mexico at TEXAS A&M*
  21. Alabama A&M at VANDERBILT*
  22. Middle Tennessee at ALABAMA*
  23. North Carolina at SOUTH CAROLINA*
  24. 2 point bonus game: Colorado at TCU*

I admittedly took a couple chances this week, but it’s more me holding firm to my summer evaluation thoughts than being swayed by recent reports. Sure, Utah is missing Cam Rising (he’s STILL in college), but I think they’re a better team than Florida. Sure, LSU is missing Maason Smith, but I think FSU is good, but not National Championship good, and this is one of a couple games the Noles will lose this year. And, in terms of the Carolina bowl, I’m just betting on UNC’s regression by everyone not named Drake Maye, and a carryover spark from Sakerlina to pull off a close win in that game.

Everything else is pretty straightforward to me.

Those are my picks. Hop in the comments and drop yours (or your thoughts on the big games, cuz most of these will be blowouts).

Happy picking!

Go Canes