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Coaches fade Miami Hurricanes in 2023 preseason poll

Clearly 2022 is still on the minds of coaches around the league, and understandably so.

Bethune-Cookman v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The preseason coaches poll was released on Monday. Not surprisingly, the Miami Hurricanes did not find themselves among the Top 25.

Did Miami even earn mention? Actually yes, but not at anywhere close to breaking in. The Canes checked in among the “others receiving votes” section with 16 votes. 14 teams have more votes, including UTSA, Fresno State, Troy, and Boise State.

In other words, no one thinks Miami is much better than it was a year ago.

There is renewed faith in other teams that were dreadful in 2023. Texas A&M checked in at #25 despite going 5-7. Oklahoma is #19 after going 6-7. Florida is third in receiving votes after also going 6-7.

To be somewhat fair, those teams were able to at least be competitive last year against conference opponents that were above the absolute bottom of the barrel in the Power Five. Miami, for the most part, wasn’t.

There’s some reason for optimism for Miami entering 2023. The schedule isn’t that daunting, despite Florida State, Clemson, and UNC being on it. Mario Cristobal cleaned house, with both coordinators and multiple position coaches leaving town. There was significant talent addition through the portal and the 2023 recruiting class that will see some young talented players contribute immediately. Tyler Van Dyke and new offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson appear to be on the same page as far as philosophy matching the former’s abilities.

But, while the coaches across the country believe in Texas A&M and Oklahoma this fall, they aren’t willing to cut Cristobal that same slack. And I can’t blame them one bit.

The honeymoon is over in Coral Gables. It’s time to start winning again.