Kc's Thoughts Game 2

Thought #1 - Thank God we whooped that ass, would had to lose to a team that had a jizz jar tradition. That shit is mad weird and should be investigated by the FBI asap.

Thought #2 - Idk if Ed got the same feeling, but there's this guy who was in the game thread named heatforlife. I low key think it's 49erNole or 49erNole reincarnated, because dude had the dumbest takes. I actually left the game thread to just watch the game due to some of the dumb shit he was saying.

Thought #3 - Alim, I didn't cook anything for this one outside of some breakfast wraps after a hike I did earlier, mainly cause I was gonna grab dinner with a friend at this German spot in the city after the game, but if anyone had any solid eats, lmk. My post game celebration included leaving that German spot and grabbing a pack of Macanudos, some beer for the Dolphins game tomorrow and some Southern Comfort. No Gran Reserva this time my friend.

Thought #4 - I don't eat my own words on the win last week, the concerns were legit, and we did have a slow start, but man did this Canes squad show me something.

Final Thought - So I don't think I mentioned it, maybe I did, but my dad passed in May, and the only thing I missed today was being able to call him to talk about this game. He was a serial pessimist when it came to Canes/Heat/Dolphins and his own Kentucky Wildcats, meaning it didn't take much for him to tell me "son, I don't they they got it this year", but I was always opposite on the spectrum, so after games like this I'd call him, and I could tell he was happy to be wrong and glad I still had faith in the team. I think he would've loved what they did today, even if he would've bitched to me about the muffed punt and fair catching inside the 10 in general (which I agree, that was odd). But yeah, it's just strange not being able to just call him up and chat about the details.

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