"Alim, I had Ceviche" and the battle with Ed Reed's former employer

Good morning, and a Happy Post-Victory Day (or HPVD, which should not be confused with the Human papillomavirus). Considering the opponent, I don't have much to say, but here goes:

Alim, I had Salmon Ceviche over White Jasmine Rice (I prefer the Mahatma brand or this other one that's a Caribbean brand if I can't find that) and a Teremana Margarita w/ Cointreau and fresh Lime Juice. It wasn't so much a theme as it was what my wife requested on our weekly menu, but it was delicious.

Sidenote, was just in Spain for a week and change before the season, surveying this thing called the Camino De Santiago I'm looking to walk next year, and I gotta say. Outside of Pulpo a la Plancha and their Croquetas, I have begun making Pan con Tomate at the house, and I'm eyeing two tomatoes in my garden that are finally turning red to fuck up some bread.

Back to the game. I mean, what can I say, if we keep 1st string, we're easily looking at around 70 points given the pacing we were on, but that wasn't the point of this one. We got another big commit from Armondo Blount, and just went out there and handled business. Things I loved:

-Getting to see Emory conduct full drives. If anyone has insight on Jacurri, lmk, but what I read from my guy Ray was that it doesn't make sense to play both him and Williams in case they want to red shirt them both.

-Don Chaney Jr., Get your shine on young man.

-TVD/Dawson experimenting with some of the play calling on that read that lead to a rushing TD. Folks will continue to watch/analyze our game film throughout the season, the more we keep them guessing the better.

-Total Offense almost 600 yards.

-Holding BCU to, what was it, like 34 yards of offense in the first half?

Those are the main things that popped out to me. Yes, the drops and that fumble wasn't ideal, but I'd rather that happen in the BCU game than one that matters. Onto Temple, and as for football this weekend, onto watching my Dolphins take on the Pats at 8:20 on Sunday!

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