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Film Review: Miami 48 - Bethune-Cookman 7

The ‘Canes beat up on the Wildcats, as expected, to move to 3-0.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Bethune-Cookman at Miami (FL) Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes move to 3-0 on the 2023 season with an easy win over the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. The ‘Canes didn’t hit the point spread, but it was a one-sided affair from the opening kickoff.

The Canyonero Keys to victory from the Film Forecast were:

1- Don’t sleepwalk through the game. Miami didn’t do that at all. They came out with a nine play, 65-yard drive that ate up over four minutes of game action and culminated in a Tyler Van Dyke RUSHING TOUCHDOWN. The ‘Canes held a 34-0 first half lead.

2- Clean up your mistakes. Miami had one turnover, and only five penalties- essenetially cutting their penalties in half from their season average.

3- Be relentless. When Don Chaney Jr. got on the field he was relentless. Chaney broke tackles and was a tornado of shoulders and knees for a four play, 55-yard touchdown drive.

The Doppler

The Hurricanes dominated BCU in just about every statistical category. Miami’s offense finished 7-of-9 on 3rd down, 1-of-1 on 4th down. Both teams turned the ball over one time, and I would’ve expected Miami to have come away with more turnovers on defense.

The Wildcats were flagged six times for 35 yards, while Miami was flagged five times for 34 yards. One suspect area for Miami was allowing BCU to pick up 6-of-13 of their third downs.

Miami won the Josh Gattis Honorary Time of Possession Award, the ‘Canes first win through three games. Miami held the ball for 35 minutes while BCU held it for just under 25.

Miami kicker Andres Borregales missed an extra point and Xavier Restrepo looked shaky on an early punt return. Dylan Joyce booted his one punt for 47 yards.

Miami Offense

Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke looked amazing on Thursday night. Van Dyke finished 19-of-23 on 10.7 yards per pass attempt with two touchdowns through the air and another on the ground. Emory Williams finished 9-of-11 for 9.3 yards per attempt. Neither QB turned the ball over, which was a great sign.

Four different ball carriers scored for Miami over five touchdowns on the ground. Chaney bruised his way for 10.3 yards per carry, and Ajay Allen scored twice on 5.7 yards per carry. Chris Johnson Jr. averaged 5.7 yards per carry and scored. Henry Parrish Jr. scored on one of his seven carries.

Restrepo was Van Dyke’s go-to threat once again. He caught six balls for 120 yards (20 yards per catch). Brashard Smith and Jacolby George both caught touchdown balls from Van Dyke. George now has four TD receptions in 2023.

The offensive line, which played a bunch of guys through different types of rotations, gave up one sack and four TFL’s.

Above- I like Van Dyke’s new found confidence on the ground. He looks like a completely different player in ‘23 from ‘22 and even in a sense from his breakout ‘21 season. If we skip ‘22, the growth from 2021 to 2023 is what you would have expected a year ago with a better OC and QB coach.

Above- Last year there’s no chance Van Dyke pulls with how square the EMOL is but now that he feels more confident in his running he does and scores.

Above- The ball placement from Van Dyke to Restrepo on the break off of the corner route is amazing. Van Dyke is looking like a 4th or 5th round NFL prospect right now. Restrepo tempos the route all the way, he looks physically like he’s running 100% but he’s clearly not. it allows him to run a crips route and play the DB’s off each other.

Above- The offensive POTG is the screen RPO. Van Dyke sees one defender over two WR’s. Van Dyke’s job is to count the box, then look for leverage. He has the box count for RPO and the leverage for the twins side.

Above- This makes for an easy stalk and screen for Miami. Cross-block it and let George score.

Above- Chaney rumblin’ stumblin’ fumblin’!

Above- Van Dyke to Smith splitting the safeties and throwing a dart. A damn NFL perfect throw. OK- I’ll stop overhyping the offense now.

Miami Defense

The defense had a strange performance. They only allowed one touchdown, but were soft on 3rd downs. BCU averaged 7.8 yards per pass attempt, even with starting QB Luke Sprague injured early.

The Wildcats run game was beat down by allowing 10 tackles for loss. BCU averaged 1.1 yards per carry including four sacks. Backup QB Walter Simmons III averaged 12.7 yards per attempt and 5.3 yards per carry with the Cats lone TD.

RB Jouvensly Bazil hauled in a 40-yard reception seven different BCU receivers caught a pass against the ‘Canes DB’s who logged only one PBU.

Above- The defensive play of the game goes to Rueben Bain. Bain’s outside-in move and hand swipe that finished with an intentional grounding penalty on BCU was awesome.

Above- I really hope Kam Kinchens can play again this year both for his sake and for the team’s. The difference between Kinchens game and anyone else’s is that he is a ball hawk. James Williams and Jaden Davis go for the kill shot, Kinchens goes for the ball.

Above- Miami shows five and brings five. Francisco Mauigoa gets home. You have to love pressure getting to the QB. Mauigoa stayed on the field a lot in this game.

Above- The result is great, a TFL, but it’s how much faster Corey Flagg is playing in the Lance Guidry defense. He dissected the split zone concept here and blew it up a step off the mesh point.

The Wrap

Miami dominated BCU from the jump knocking Sprague out of the game with pressure and on Van Dyke’s accuracy to Restrepo. The ‘Canes offensive line imposed their will behind Francis Mauigoa, especially.

You have to absolutely love how sharp Van Dyke has looked both running and throwing, and the development of Williams as a backup QB. Shannon Dawson has worked wonders for the quarterback room. What a difference a coach can make on young players.

Miami has a long week and change to get healthy and game plan for the Temple Owls before their off week. Now is the time to clean up some of these kicking game mistakes before Georgia Tech after the idle week.