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GameThread: Early game Open Thread, 9/16

The Canes are already 1-0 this weekend, but there’s plenty of action to watch and discuss if you’re around the house this fine Saturday afternoon.

University of South Carolina vs University of Georgia Set Number: X164159

Welcome back to College Football Saturday!

While your Miami Hurricanes are already 1-0 on the week after the 48-7 destruction of Bethune Cookman on Thursday night, there are PLENTY of other games to enjoy this weekend.

While you watch games from coast to coast today, hop in the comments and talk about the action as it happens. And, in case you needed to know who to root for in games with ACC teams, we’ve got you covered on that front:

Bye weeks don’t start for a while (week 1 byes for teams who played week 0 notwithstanding) so almost every team is playing today. There were a couple Friday Night games, but no ranked teams played. Virginia did sprint out to a 14-0 lead....before giving up 42 in a row to lose to Maryland. LOL.

Honestly, looking at the early slate, unless you’re invested in a specific game because you went to (insert school) or married into a super fan family of a certain team, there isn’t a big draw, game of the week, type game. No matchups between ranked teams this week.

But, it’s usually weeks like this where shenanigans happen. So you’ll have the ability to pivot from game to game to catch the happenings live.

I’ll post a couple highlight games in this window, but the godfather of the CFB watchgrid, Jason Kirk, posts his full list here, and that should be something you’re checking out weekly. Anyways, a couple games to keep an eye on in the early window:

  • #3 FSU at Boston College, Noon, ABC — we play both teams this season. And it’ll be fun to root against FSU for the 12 seconds in this game is a blowout.
  • #7 Penn State at Illinois, Noon, Fox
  • #14 LSU at Mississippi State, Noon, ESPN
  • Louisville at Indiana, Noon, Big 10 Network — another future opponent, another yearly tentpole opponent, game here so check out the Cards for what they’re bringing to the table this year.
  • South Carolina at #1 Georgia, 3:30pm, CBS
  • Minnesota at #20 North Carolina, 3:30pm, ESPN — you guessed it, another future opponent game. Can PJ Fleck keep the boat rowing and stymie Drake Maye?

That’s the early schedule. Again, for the full list, click the link above.

Let’s talk some football until we’re back for the primetime window later.

Go Canes