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Will the Real Miami Please Stand Up?

The Real Miami Stood up Tonight with a 38-3 win as the Other Miami enjoys their trip back to Oxford, Ohio

Miami (OH) v Miami Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Miami (FLORIDA) got some great bulletin board material when a player on Miami (Ohio) proclaimed the Redhawks were the “Real Miami”. In particular, said quarterback for the Redhawks answered quickly in a press conference that the real Miami is located in “Oxford, Ohio” and went on to say “We’ll show them [the Hurricanes] September 1st.”

September 1st has come and gone and the Ohio team walked away from Hard Rock Stadium with a 38-3 loss. A bold proclamation for a program that is now 0-4 when the teams are pitted against each other.

Sure, the Redhawks have a more recent conference championship, as they won the MAC in 2019. Sure, they have an alum that thrived in the NFL better than any Hurricane QB over the past couple decades in Ben Roethlisberger. Sure, Miami of Ohio has a more recent Bowl win when they beat North Texas in the Frisco Football Classic in 2021. And sure, their program has actually been around longer than their Coral Gables’ counterpart.

But tonight, on September 1st, the Hurricanes put “THE real Miami” allegations to rest with a blowout victory. The school located in Coral Gables took it personally as new defensive coordinator and former Redhawks interim head coach, Lance Guidry, made sure to proverbially punch the QB in the face again and again with his aggressive defensive schemes as the Canes racked up three sacks on the evening, with an early one being recorded on the first Redhawks drive by edge pass rusher, Jahfari Harvey.

The real Miami were stale at moments on offense but consistently pushed the ball down the field with a powerful rushing attack by committee that had 250 yards and three touchdowns, as well as a breakaway 44-yard catch and run by Colbie Young on the very first offensive drive.

The Canes have needed a fire lit up behind them for quite some time as the program has failed to live up to expectations year after year since their hey-day. Yes, the spread was -16.5 and the Canes were expected to win at home, but proving a point on all sides of the ball was important tonight. Ohio’s QB may have given Mario Cristobal and company some ammo to continue the momentum as they face SEC opponent Texas A&M next week.

The Canes kept their mouth shut and played more disciplined and rhythmic football, compared to prior years, throughout the game and let that define their dominance. On the flip side, simply talking did not end well for the opposition as the Redhawks’ QB went a measly 12-for-21 for 127 yards.

The biggest tests are ahead for the Canes starting with the 23rd ranked Aggies at home next week, as well as matchups against other nationally ranked opponents throughout the season with UNC, Clemson, and FSU. The Canes have the talent to rise into the rankings and very well should in the coming weeks as they acclimate to new schemes on offense and defense, as they are loaded with highly ranked recruits and NFL-level talent.

But for now, let’s not mince words. The real Miami is, and forever has been, located in Coral Gables, Florida. The real Miami starts out 1-0 and are now 4-0 against the inferior Miami who now get to enjoy a long trip back to Oxford, Ohio. Until proven otherwise, the real Miami has five national titles and gets to enjoy the beautiful Florida climate where it’s all about the U.

The real Miami does indeed have to get back to that promised land and it starts next week. But they put this freezing cold take to rest REAL quick.