Kc's Thoughts On Game 1

Credit to the GB&U article and the commentators on the game for providing this stat, but up until that dub it'd been 293 days since we won a game, a game I was actually at, versus Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Could definitely see some great improvement from a 5-7 team, but that's kind of what I wanted to speak on.

On the one hand, we got fans who think we'll never be great again, to relish the glory days and learn to live with whatever progress we make, after being disappointed for so many seasons. I get it, really I do.

On the other hand, we got folks who are saying the mistakes we did make w/ false starts, some of the big catches we allowed, that floater INT TVD threw, it's all good because it's just rust and it's not anything to worry about, we'll be fine.

Well, I'm watching a Colorado team with a new coach, new team, etc leading in the 3rd quarter against a team that was in the the CFB last year, so kindly excuse me if I'm a little disappointed we didn't beat the breaks off this HS squad last night given that we're playing Texas A&M next week.

Yes, RB room is the best I've seen in MANY years, OL is on pace for a HUGE improvement (loved that pull from Matt Lee on the block), Defensive play could be ELITE this season, all of that's true. BUT, you're nothing without the play/decision making of your field general, and TVD's INT was not vet level at all. Your avg ACC team would eat that up all day. He did adjust and had that tight basket clutch to Restrepo, but how many of his catches were short screens or flats? If anything, that's all YAC and the credit goes to our WRs. Tyler needs to do a whole lot better going forward. Another bright spot was Emory's play, that spiral is niiiice.

But anyhow, I just think folks are being too generous. Other teams hit the ground running, zero rust. Meanwhile we're over here making excuses for things that should not be happening, even with a new OC. What do y'all think?

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