Someone tell Alim I made Turkey Lamb Meatballs, and other thoughts

I'll try to post a pic in the comments, but I decided to do meatballs and sauce from scratch over linguine for this Canes game, just me and the wife watching.

I'll keep my thoughts short:

-It's great to be a Cane, feels like we're fully in a season where destiny is in our hands.

-Sucks about Matt Lee getting injured and Fletcher (but my understanding from Cristobal's in-game interview is that it's nothing serious, and we got the bye coming up)

-Ray Ray, what a bright future for that young man.

-Don Chaney getting his flowers, Parrish going off, RB room just continues to impress, and we can't have all that progress without blocking. Bravo on all ends.

-TVD. That's all I got to say.

-D allowed way too much on the passing side considering the opponent, but goddamn, holding a team to 11 yards total rushing? Wow.

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