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Film Review: Miami 41 - Temple 7

The Hurricanes are 4-0 for the first time since 2017. Can Miami stay focused through the off week?

Miami v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

After demolishing the Temple Owls 41-7, the Miami Hurricanes are 4-0 for the first time since 2017. The ‘Canes scoring on a methodical opening drive and held the lead the entire game.

The Canyonero Keys for victory over Temple were:

1- Look like a real P5 football program. Does dominating the middle eight 31-7 count as a real P5 team? How about not turning the ball over not even once in the rain? Miami made their kicks and looked legit* during their final tune-up before ACC play.

Other than another series of 2-3 weird punt return issues, that is. I’m not sure what Xavier Restrepo is doing back there: fielding a punt on the run and going out of bounds, standing around the ball for no reason (poison!) and getting drilled on another. Weird stuff.

2- Turnovers. Miami needed someone to ball hawk on defense and create turnovers. They found that player in Te’Cory Couch. After an early mishap, he really turned it on and came away with two interceptions (he now has three of Miami’s four on the year). The Hurricanes didn’t turn the ball over once.

3- Protect Van Dyke. Miami didn’t allow a sack against a solid Owls defensive front.

The Doppler

The Miami offense was good but not great on 3rd downs picking up 5-of-11, and going 0-for-1 on 4th down. The ‘Canes defense held Temple to 5-of-13 on 3rd downs and 0-for-3 on 4th down conversion attempts.

Miami committed seven penalties for 65 yards while Temple was called for six on 37 yards. Miami finished plus-three on turnover margin.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Bethune-Cookman at Miami (FL) Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Miami’s Andres Borregales made all seven of his kicks including two field goals. Dylan Joyce only punted twice, averaging 36 yards per punt with one inside the 20.

Temple’s kicker, Camden Price (Miami transfer) made his PAT, while the Owls punter Dante Atton had a nice afternoon with 43.8 yards per punt.

The ‘Canes won the Josh Gattis TOP award by holding the ball for 32 minutes compared to Temple’s 27.

Miami Offense

Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke is thriving in the Shannon Dawson offense. Van Dyke finished the game with 9.2 yards per pass attempt and three touchdowns with no turnovers. Van Dyke even picked up a 37-yard run on inside zone read.

The ‘Canes ran at will against the Owls defensive front. Don Chaney Jr. was given the start and rushed for 6.8 yards per carry. The typical starter, Henry Parrish Jr., averaged 8.7 yards per carry with two touchdowns. Parrish left the game with a shoulder injury.

Colbie Young made some fantastic plays while averaging 16.5 yards per carry with one score (one more was called back on OPI). Restrepo caught two touchdown passes of his own. Jacolby George continues to be a deep threat catching five balls for 90 yards.

The Miami O-Line gave up zero sacks and only three tackles for loss to the Owls defense. Center Matt Lee went down with an injury but did walk off on his own power.

Above- As you can see, in the zone run game, it’s not this ‘guy on his back’ type of blocking. It’s stalemates that the running back can cut off of. Parrish is a solid zone back that can also work the gap scheme runs. He’s patient, has vision, and his new found burst has helped Miami move the chains where they didn’t a year ago.

Above- This is straight up Van Dyke and Restrepo communicating before the play. The WR knows he can beat his man and easily does. Split zone is the run call and Restrepo runs a little corner-y, slot fade-y fake route as an RPO tag that he just said throw me open on.

Above- Van Dyke and Colbie Young are on the same page again. Young was one of the few bright spots to the ‘22 season, he’s been a bright spot again. He had a couple of next level athletic plays and this is one. I love Dawson’s penchant for just letting his athletes make plays.

Above- The announcers actually did a good job of explaining why this worked, re the Owls OODA Loop. Restrepo has been going in motion to get defenders off him at the LOS. This time he runs right into the defender and blocks a kick out for Parrish to cut underneath. Almost like an outside zone block from a TE (this looks like wide zone).

Parrish’s George Jefferson: 7/10 | Randal Hill’s: 11/10.

Above- The nasty out-and-up route from Restrepo. Did you know X and Van Dyke are roommates? Did you know that’s why they’re so good at playing the foosball together? Ha-ha man!

Miami Defense

The Hurricanes defense had highs and lows. The highs were the run defense- holding Temple to 11 yards on 16 carries with only an eight yard long rush.

Miami also held Owls QB E.J. Warner to only 6.4 yards per attempt, with two INT’s and a single touchdown. Miami did give up a few big pass plays to Amad Anderson Jr. and Darvon Hubbard, but Couch came away with two picks to offset some of those concerns.

The defense logged three sacks, six TFL’s and five PBU’s on the afternoon. Defensive Lineman Thomas Gore had two of the ‘Canes three sacks.

Above- With Kam Kinchens out, James Williams is the deep safety and Jaden Harris was the box safety. You can see that it’s not the best recipe but it’s what happens when guys get injured. Williams gets closer to the finish than Harris does, and he starts 15 yards away. Nice TFL though for the front seven it’s read and blown up instantly.

Above- Couch takes a really bad angle, even if he’s jumping this throw for a pick. He’s got to know his closing distance and speed relative to the throw and receiver. That clearly wasn’t going to be picked off. Then Harris has a complete shoulder turn and runs instead of a scallup (scrape gallup made famous by the Patriots on special teams). If Temple is able to do this imagine what the top 3-4 teams can, including Louisville and NC State.

Above- Couch really only made a mistake or two all night. Once he got it down, he got it down. Two picks and a PBU. He catches the corner route from Warner here as if he was the intended WR.

Above- Sometimes Guidry is on, and sometimes he’s off. Why is Jayden Wayne covering anyone at six-foot-six that’s running a Texas route? What works vs. the scout team doesn’t always work on the field, even against a G5.

The RB out of the backfield will send up HUGE red flags for UNC with Omarion Hampton and Clemson with Will Shipley. I’m not sure if FSU has that RB in the arsenal, but Mike Norvell will find a way to put someone there that can take advantage.

Above- Rueben “Hurricane” Bain played well in a tropical storm. He came away with a strip sack and is a guy that can spark the ‘Canes four man pass rush (which needs a damn spark!)

Above- This is just a great play from Warner to get this throw off. Miami’s pass rush is there a step late as is Williams with the big hit that the WR holds on through. Some of the back end pass defense has to be cleaned up before Drake Maye and UNC.

The Wrap

The ‘Canes head into their off week undefeated and rolling through all four opponents. Outside of a bad quarter against Texas A&M, Miami has been a dominant force through four weeks of college football.

Coach Cristobal now has a huge task on his hands, to keep this team that’s banged up once again focused and healthy during the off week. Miami starts ACC play two Saturdays from now against a sneaky Georgia Tech team under a hard-nosed type in head coach Brent Key.

The issue for Manny Diaz and Cristobal in year one was staying focused through the off week and routinely losing the next game after time off. The team has a new attitude and what seems like a new found focus and confidence.