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3 keys to victory for the Hurricanes vs. Texas A&M

My take on what needs to happen for a W on Saturday

Miami’s Defensive Line will be critical to beating A&M

Miami is going to have to win 2 of the 3 phases of the game to beat Texas A&M. The Canes will need a well-executed game plan and strong performances on Offense, Defense, and/or Special teams to pull out a victory tomorrow against the Aggies.

Here are my three key factors for Miami to secure a victory:

Effective Quarterback Play: Tyler Van Dyke’s play is the most critical factor in this game. He has had a roller coaster career at Miami and the hopes are he’s on an upswing this season. He’ll need to be able to play well under pressure as A&M’s front 7 are going to bring pressure. He’s going to have to make smart decisions, protect the football, take shots and connect on deep passes, and get the ball out quickly. Last season he moved the ball well between the 20’s, but the offense bogged down in the Red Zone. He will need to be effective inside the 20 to pull out a victory.

Strong Defensive Performance: Miami’s defensive line has to step up and disrupt A&M’s offensive rhythm. If the front 4 can put pressure on the Aggies quarterback, Miami has a good chance of forcing turnovers, and limiting big plays. The Hurricanes have a stout run defense and tight pass coverage that will make it difficult for Texas A&M to move the ball consistently, but depth on the front 4 is a concern of many in the fanbase.

Win the Turnover Battle: Turnovers often swing the momentum of a game quickly. Miami will need to create turnovers on defense and/or special teams while also protecting the football on offense. Winning the turnover battle leads to extra possessions and field position advantages that can be crucial in a close game. This is even more important with the new clock rules that were implemented this season to shorten games. Miami ran 62 plays against Miami (OH) and the Aggies ran 65 against New Mexico.

Of course, these are general keys to success in any football game, and the specific game plan and strategies are gonna vary depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the personnel of both teams, as well as the decisions made by the coaching staffs. I believe that these are going to be the 3 most crucial factors in Miami’s quest to beat a Top 25 SEC foe at home.

What are your thoughts on the keys to winning?

Let us know in the comments below.