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GAME THREAD: Miami Hurricanes vs Texas A&M Aggies

The marquee game of the non-conference season is here!

Miami v Texas A&M Photo by Jack Gorman/Getty Images

Welcome to another Miami Hurricanes game day, everyone!

The Canes continue the 2023 season with the marquee matchup of the non-conference season, and an opportunity for Mario Cristobal to get a signature win in his tenure back at Miami as head coach as the Texas A&M Aggies come to Hard Rock Stadium.

Here’s How To Watch by me.

Here’s our X’s and O’s preview by Justin Dottavio

Here’s a Q&A with our Aggie friends at Good Bull Hunting from KappaCane

Here are KappaCane’s answers to the questions from GBHunting as well

Here are 3 keys to a Canes victory over aTm by KappaCane

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CTS also detailed the Gamechangers who helped turn Miami into The U

Here’s your Week 2 ACC Rooting Guide by Mike Schiffman

And, if you’re hankering for some STRAIGHT UP picks, check out this week’s ACC/SEC Pick ‘Em League piece by me

Here are your captains, and jersey combo — shocker, Mario Cristobal is going with the traditional orange over white look — for Today’s game

That’s it.

Hope you’re enjoying the early game window and getting ready for a heavyweight fight between the Canes and Aggies.

Hop in the comments and chop it up as the action unfolds.

Go Canes