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Monday Musings: what a difference a week makes for the Canes

Washington State v Arizona State Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images


And you know what that means. Time to grab a handful of quarters, pop them into my mouth, and see what orange and green-related thoughts go pinballing through the recesses of my brain.

1) YOU LIKE APPLES? WELL HOW ABOUT THIS APPLE? The Canes ended up landing the top quarterback in the transfer portal after all in Cam Ward from the apple state. What an absolutely shocking development. I was hard on Mario and the staff after it seemed they not just swung and missed on Ward, but also on other top options while waiting on him. Well, I’ll be damned if ol’ Mario didn’t just pick up the #1 QB prospect in the portal but also make plenty of us look like clowns for bagging on him like we did. I mean, I think I had a right to since it appears he missed, but when all was said and done, he delivered, and that’s what counts.

2) So the quarterback room just did a MASSIVE 180 after that. Reese Poffenbarger, landed a week ago as a transfer from Albany State, appeared to have some traction as a possible starter next year. And certainly he’ll get the chance to compete in the offseason. However, Miami probably has their backup for 2024 in him and/or Emory Williams and Jacurri Brown. With Ward leading the way, that’s a very solid four deep at quarterback. Quite the change from begging Brown to stay to be able to have a scholarship QB for the bowl game, isn’t it?

3) And now, dammit, I’m starting to get bugged by that pesky, annoying thing that has stuck with me around this time over the last two decades: hope. I’m hopeful for the season instead of dreading another bumbling, ugly season. I believe Miami now has the ability to go into Gainesville and make enough plays to win. What a difference a QB can make.

4) The 2024 schedule should be out at the end of the month, from what I’ve read. Provided it’s on a weekend that works for me and the family (big if), I’m hoping to make the trip out to the Bay Area for Miami-Cal this year. FOR AN ACC CONFERENCE GAME. Still so unbelievably weird to write that. However, the wine country is God’s country, and San Francisco is an incredible city, so might as well turn that into a trip. Anyone else making that, or any other road trip this fall?

5) Canes hoops absolutely soiled themselves on Wednesday against Louisville, losing 80-71. How. Is. That. Possible? Louisville is perhaps the worst power five basketball team in the country. The win snapped a 22-game road losing streak for the Cards. That’s the kind of loss that’s going to hang around the Canes’ heads like an anvil when it’s time for Selection Sunday. Inexcusable, bad, no good, rotten loss. Even a solid win at Virginia Tech doesn’t fully wash the stink off of it.

Miami hosts Florida State on Wednesday, who’s started off hot in conference play at 4-1. Then they’re at Syracuse and Notre Dame before returning home to face Pitt to round out their next 4 games. The Orange, Irish, and Panthers all have losing ACC records. Miami needs to get through the next stretch winning 3 of 4. That should be the goal.

Go Canes!