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Monday Musings: From bad to worse for Canes hoops

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Miami (FL) Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports


And you know what that means, Canes fans. It’s time tap the keg of my Canes-related thoughts and see what frothy, cold orange-and-white goodness comes pouring out.

1) The university’s athletic department announced some minor changes to its iconic image of Sebastian the Ibis.

I mean, it’s ok. It’s not over the top and horrendous like what the Miami Dolphins did in 2012. I just prefer to keep some things traditional, and this look was one of them. If they added the pipe back, then that would have been an improvement, in my humble opinion. Oh well. Again, it’s fine.

2) What a disgusting week of basketball for Canes hoops. I talked last week about Miami entering a stretch of four winnable tames in a row. That they needed to get at least three of them. Well if I didn’t just go and get the basketball Gods all riled up at my confidence.

3) Miami dropped an absolute stinker to FSU 84-75 at home. I had some family stuff going on and wasn’t able to watch it, but you can chalk up another loss at home to Florida State. I don’t know what it is, but Miami just can’t beat that school, especially at the Watsco Center. Absolute kryptonite to our team for some strange reason. Between football and basketball, Miami mostly hasn’t fared well against the capitol city school. And it was an unhappy reunion for Matthew Cleveland who had 2 points on 1-8 shooting against his old team. Ouch.

4) The Canes followed that up with a gut-wrenching loss to Syracuse 72-69 on a contested three at the horn sounded. Vegas pretty much had it pegged with Syracuse as a 2.5-point favorite. Man, they always somehow know. The Canes outshot Syracuse 49.2% to 39.7%. Kyshawn George scored the Canes’ final seven points, including a game-tying three with 1:17 left. However, missed on the Canes’ last possession, and Quentin Copeland drained a three as the buzzer sounded to send Miami to 3-4 in the ACC. So much work to be done in the next two weeks to keep the season from completely slipping away.

Go Canes!