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Chris covers Miami Hurricanes football recruiting, and is a national recruiting analyst for - Chris has covered recruiting, and the NFL draft since 2004, being featured on multiple top media outlets such as Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report, FanSided, and USA Today. Chris also had the honor of covering the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games for Yahoo! Sports.

Five Burning Questions Heading Into 2015

What major issues are the Hurricanes facing heading into a very decisive 2015 football season?

Miami Adds Another Stud Player to #SWAG16 Class

Miami added their 17th recruit to the 2016 class, only deepening what is currently the runaway number one overall class in the country, per

Is Al Golden Poised To Lead Another 6-6 Season?

Miami fans think Al Golden is as mediocre as they come, and nothing more. Just one of the questions in this week's Monday Morning Mailbag.

#Swag16 Gaining Momentum With Each Major Commit

The Hurricanes currently hold the Nation's No. 1 overall recruiting class for 2016. It goes without saying that they need this class to stay in tact in the worst way.

Hurricanes Closing In On Franklin's Replacement

Jethro Franklin bolts for the NFL, leaving the 'Canes to go back to the drawing board for his replacement.